So long...

Posted by Tammy

It has been too long since I thought to start this blog ... and I haven't posted since! But, my life has changed completely in that short month! I just moved in with my boyfriend Mike after living in the same space for 10 years! I miss my little studio apartment in the country, but I'm excited about this new phase in my life. I'm even going to have my own ART room! So - no excuses - I am going to create more and then I'm going to blog about it and post it here! I'm posting my "superhero" self here today to remind me of this!

4 Opinions:

Ruth said...

Hi Tammy...you have the begnning of a great blog. So keep it current and make a small commitment to blog at least several times a week...then it will become a habit. Yeah Ruth, like you've got so much experience blogging! <(:>)

Love your SuperHero artdoll...you gotta give her a proper name, don't you know?


Tammy said...

Thanks Ruth! Habit is definitely what I need to do for keeping this going!!

I do need a name for my superhero ME! I'll think on that! She hangs in my office at work! :)


MARYBETH said...

Hi Tammy,
Welcome to the Blog WOrld!!!!
I love your creation here =)
SO good to have you as my neighbor =)

Tammy said...

Thanks for visiting Marybeth! I have lots of ideas for future posts - I'll get myself inspired over the weekend and be back on Monday!! The blog world is a fun place to be I think!