the year in review (a meme)

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I've seen this on a couple other blogs, and liked the idea. You are to take the first sentence from your first blog post in every month and compile them here! I started this blog in January of 2006, and only had one post in that month! I skipped February altogether, but from there, I got going pretty good! Here's what my bloggy year looked like:

January: This is my inspiration for my new blog! (photo to the right - first one posted... go here to read my first post!)

February: No blogging done in this month...

March: It has been too long since I thought to start this blog ... and I haven't posted since!

April: Whew! We made it home! {from our trip to Texas to visit Mike's family and friends}

May: I had a pretty quiet weekend, but I didn't create much art.

June: I missed the previous week's challenge at the
Weekly Photoshop Challenge Blog because I ran out of time being sick and all. {the weekly photoshop blog no longer exists, and I'm sad! I loved the challenges...}

July: Mike and I went to South Dakota over the long holiday weekend (we both took Monday off!)

August: Well, signing up for swaps is one way to kick my creativity in the butt!

Unconscious Mutterings

Wiggle :: Room
Face :: the music
Adjustable :: changeable
Room :: space
Easy :: simple
Store :: Barnes & Noble
Maid :: luxury
9 pm :: bedtime
Challenge :: Hard
Debt :: YUCKY

October: My Sharpie Group is hosting a creative challenge in the month of October. The challenge is to create numbers of ATC cards - 30, 90, 150, or 300 cards. {card #1 to the right}

November: I made it to 90 ATCs created in the month of October.

December: We are having cat troubles at home this week. {and they continue...}

As this year went on, I got more into blogging, both writing and reading blogs! I hope to continue next year! I love connecting with all of you fellow bloggers out there. I look forward to your new posts so much! Blogging has challenged me - to write, to share, to create new art. It's a good challenge and one that I'm going to hold myself to in the coming new year! Happy last post of 2006! (I think anyway!) Be happy and safe on this new year's eve!

Unconscious Mutterings

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I realized I hadn't done this in several weeks! So here is the last one of the year...

  1. Resolution :: Not for me, I don't keep them anyway
  2. Happy :: Feet
  3. Bubbly :: Champagne
  4. Kiss :: Under the mistletoe
  5. Leather :: boots
  6. Fancy :: pants
  7. Pages :: morning
  8. Stupid :: mistake
  9. Apologize :: make good
  10. Secrets :: my own to keep



New camera!

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Whoo hoo! I've got my new camera up and working (I think!) Several of you asked what kind I got.

I chose to get the Canon A540 for several reasons. I wanted a small camera that I could carry in my purse so I could take shots whenever and wherever! But, I wanted one that had some flexibility in upgrading. This one allows me to add lenses down the road if I need a wide angle, or telephoto lens. It is 6.0 mega pixels with 4x zoom.

I have practiced just a bit on my willing (sometimes) subjects... our cats! Here are a few of my first practice shots!



And - a shot out of our front window at the mounds of snow and our "plowed" road! We are supposedly in the line of another storm with another foot of snow possible. SO - I'm off to run a couple errands before it starts!!


News and Notes

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Well, our Internet is working this morning... but it has been down since Christmas morning. We've got a technician scheduled, but not until Friday. So, I may get this post up!

Mike gave me a gift certificate to Target so I could get my digital camera - which I promptly went out and did yesterday!! I don't have it loaded up so I can share any pictures yet, but I will soon! I've taken a lot of test pictures of our cats! (All of whom are in hot water this morning for various reasons... five cats... who thought THAT was a good idea?!) I also want to go out today and take some pictures of our house which is still quite deep in snow drifts! And, they are predicting we could get another foot of snow starting tomorrow! Yikes! We're not unburied from the 2 feet last week yet!

We were able to finally get out of the house on Christmas Eve morning. We raced to the grocery store to get some appetizers and made it to Mike's family get-together. I was so happy to be out of the house! We had a nice time. Mike's step-mom had my name in the drawing and gave me a GC to Borders. I'll be shopping again today!! Books!!! We don't have a Borders in Fort Collins, so I'm going to trek to Greeley - about a half hour drive. Not bad - for money to spend on books - no problem!

On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store again to get the ingredients for the food for our Christmas day. I made a breakfast casserole with bread, eggs, sausage and cheese. And for dinner I made Ropa Vieja - a Cuban dish. It was so fragrant and turned out quite yummy, in spite of the fact it had no green pepper in it because the store had NO produce! Trucks weren't able to get through because of the storm, so the shelves were quite bare...

Mike had to wait until yesterday for some of his presents. I'd left them at my office because of our rush to get home before the blizzard really took hold. All in all though - we had a nice Christmas in spite of the bad weather. I'm glad we hadn't planned to fly anywhere!

I'm off now to buy new Glasses!! Yay! I've had the same ones for more than 2 years. I know I need a new prescription, but it's always fun to get a new look! I'll hopefully be able to post some self-portraits soon! :)



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It's been a while since I posted. The reason - a BLIZZARD. We have more than 2 feet of snow at our house. We're safe and tucked in, but still stuck. Our Internet connection has been spotty, so that's why no posts!

This is the first big snow we've had living in this house. I used to live in the country. It was never a problem to get out because we lived on a main county road which got plowed soon. And my landlord would plow the driveway with a tractor. Here - no snow plows... and if/when they do plow - it is apparently one strip up the middle and if they block your driveway, oh well... So we'll have more digging to do. We've already cleared snow from our driveway. Haven't even started on sidewalks yet. It's hard work!

I'm very tired of being stuck. I have plenty to do, but I'm very sad about Christmas. I had a wonderful, fun menu planned for us, and I have none of the ingredients. We may have a frozen pizza tomorrow... We're supposed to go to Mike's family get together today, and we won't be able to go. I left many of my presents for Mike in my desk drawer at work (I was having stuff shipped there) so I won't be able to give them to him on Christmas.

Our 2 year anniversary was Friday and we weren't able to go to Rasta Pasta for dinner - where we met 2 years ago... Blah! I like snow, but I don't like Blizzards - this is ridiculous!

I hope all of you are well and happy - celebrating the holidays! I'll be back with more cheerful posts again soon!


Want a Mimmsical Creation??

Posted by Tammy

Well, then you're in luck! I played along at Red Shoe Ramblings to get a piece of Deb aRt and now I'm offering the same here!

The deal is this:

For the first five people who leave me a comment saying "I want a Mimmsical Creation" (or along those lines) AND a way to contact you via email, will get a one of a kind creation from me. (It's almost a sure bet that it will have Sharpie markers somewhere in the art!)

The only catch is this:

Not only do you have to tell me you want the art, but you then have to turn around and make this same offer on your blog! It's a cool pass it along or pay it forward game! :) I'm getting some Deb aRt, you can get some of my art, and then someone else benefits by getting your art! It's a cool thing!

Leave me your comment and I'll contact the first five of you (if there are that many!) and we'll go from there! I won't get any art mailed out until after the first of the year, but that's not so far away now is it??! Yikes!! OK - ready? go!

A borrowed Christmas Game

Posted by Tammy

Janet at Just Bee-Cause borrowed the game from a friend, and I'm borrowing it from her! The deal is this:

Google the word "Christmas" and the year of your birth and add photos that you find associated! It was fun to do this - I found a few good photos of 1974 Christmas that I'll share with you!

The holiday stamp from 1974 - 10 cents! Wow!

A Disney movie poster - Winnie the Pooh and Christmas too - a new feature for ABC TV in 1974.

And Last:
An ad for a James Bond (Roger Moore) Pen that looks like a gun... who would actually want this?!


Happy Birthday Mike!!

Posted by Tammy

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you... I don't know if Mike actually reads my blog or not, but it is his birthday today! (the photo to the right is in the Japanese garden at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens in April - he has a beard now and looks quite different (good) with it!)

For those of you who don't know - Mike is my boyfriend! We met at eharmony.com back in October of 2004! We didn't meet in person until December 22nd - our 2 year anniversary is next Friday! We clicked right away after answering all of the series of questions that eharmony takes you through (such as close-ended questions, open-ended questions, and must-haves/can't-stands!) We emailed back and forth for a bit before talking on the phone. Calling Mike was a bit frustrating at first - because he screens his phone calls. I'd get my courage all worked up to call, and then, NO answer! But, we made it through that obviously! (we still screen calls by the way!)

We spent three hours at the restaurant the night we met - thankfully it was a quiet night - otherwise they would have kicked us out! And it was SNOWING - I mean big, fat, movie snow! Very pretty - the drive home? Not so pretty!

But, the rest is history - we moved into our house together back in February and are still working out the kitty kinks. (3 of mine + 2 of his = chaos and hissy-ness)

Anyway - Happy Birthday Cute Boy! :)


Wonderful Synchronicity!

Posted by Tammy

I just left a comment the other day on Potato Prints about thinking I should write in a journal. I've never been good at writing a journal, but have always thought it was something I wanted to do!

I got in to work today to find a package on my chair. It was a thank you gift from my boss, Debby. I had helped her out a couple weeks ago with a last minute gift need. She bought me a journal! And not just any journal - this is called Sojourn. It comes with 8 dice. One is a topic die - you roll it and that is your topic (they include: family, work, love, soul, money, and play) Next, you choose three of seven dice that will give you keywords to think about in conjunction with your topic. These words range all over the place from action to home to fear, imagine, inspire, laugh, care, etc. After you roll the dice, you write based on the words that come up - in any format you choose.

It is truly a cool concept. Sometimes for me, the idea of writing in a journal is daunting because "I don't know what to write". This idea takes that fear away! Thanks Debby! Great timing! :) A new journal for an upcoming new year!


The Flu Bug...

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We've been hit with the flu bug this week. Mike wasn't feeling good overnight on Monday night, and woke up feeling quite rotten on Tuesday morning. I woke up with a headache, but I attributed my other icky feelings to that. I came to work, but soon realized I had stomach issues too.

We slept much of the day yesterday and I started feeling better last night. Mike wasn't feeling at all well still, but woke up a bit better this morning. I'm doing OK today - still a bit off, but WAY better.

Vicki - if you're reading - your Christmas package is delayed, but I'll mail it tomorrow! All my good intentions went down the drain when I got sick!

I added new, cheery music - Glenn Miller with Jingle Bells!


Lots of stuff I WANT to share

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Oh! I have so much stuff that I want to post, but I can't because it's all holiday presents!!! BUMMER! I know that the people I've made things for read my blog (Andrea, Mom, Vicki, Sheri...) so I can't post anything here until after they open presents! So you all, like me, will have to wait!

Suffice it to say, I had fun yesterday putting presents together!! Andrea's (my best friend) is turning out particularly cool. I think she'll love it!! And Mom, Sheri, and Vicki (Vicki is my sister, Sheri is her daughter - my niece) are getting something similar, but unique to each of them! (and other family... if you're reading... sorry... Vicki and Sheri are the only ones I've ever done presents for! And Mom and Daddy of course!)

I've scanned everything in and I'll share pics after Christmas!

I do have one thing I can now share! Suzie was my cookie swap partner. I received my goodies a long time ago, and she finally got my package last week (I was a late mailer!) I didn't share any pictures here because I didn't want to ruin her surprise!

I made a cookie recipe book for her. Here are the cover, and inside front cover. I included a lot of yummy recipes and also a couple of rituals for the Kitchen and Yule. Suzie blogged about it at her space! :) Thanks for playing with me Suzie!! I had fun! And thanks Mary Ann for heading up the cookie swap!


New (old) Sharpie art

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About 5 months ago, one of the Sharpie Scouts came up with an idea to create a chunky book of original sharpie art for our fearless leader Diabla! We each contributed one page (or more) to the book and ANg put it together.

I wanted to post my page, but had to keep it a secret in case D was reading my blog on the sly! So, now that the book has been delivered in all it's sharpie-istic glory - I can post my page finally!!

This book is truly an amazing, collective work of art. The personality of each person who participated comes shining through in their page. (Size is 4" x 4") I believe you can see the pages by visiting flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/25943881@N00/sets/72157594407177930/.

You will quickly understand why I'm addicted to Sharpie art! Amazing stuff, Really!! My page is below! :)

I'm working on that whole digital camera idea! I hope to have one soon so I can post photos too! I got a nice Christmas bonus from work and I think I'll go spend a bit on myself!!


In praise of fellow bloggers!

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Ok - Sap alert!

I have to just share this. The blogging community is just so full of wonderful women (men too I'm sure, but I don't read your blogs - sorry!) I am amazed every day by the depth of feeling, emotion, and thought that goes into so many blog posts all over the country, and world!

I want to be like all of you! (I'm not going to name specific bloggers here... I don't want to inadvertantly leave someone out... and the list is quite long! There are at least a dozen {probably more like 2 dozen!} blogs I read daily and each one has it's own impact! I hope you all know who you are!) I don't write in a journal, and I feel like I'm not very good at being open with myself, let alone writing out feelings here for you all to read. I long to do just that though. I'm learning from all of you that it is OK to do that - more than OK - good, cathartic, cleansing, freeing...

Your amazing posts inspire me, make me look at my own life in a different light, learn new things, laugh, cry, dream, create, and the list goes on! You remind me to see magic in every day life, to not stress over little stuff (i.e. the broken glass, Mike!) I am learning, slowly, but you all help me through the learning curve!

I appreciate not only the posts but the dialogue that happens in the comments - both here on my blog, and on yours! I read the comments from others. It helps SO much to see and hear other perspectives on life. I can see that this blogging community is one of strong, proud, learning, magical, very special, and creative women. I'm glad to be a tiny part of this group. Thank you for all of your honest and open posts! They're all helping me in my own journey!!


Gorgeous Moonrise

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Last night, I wished for all the world that I had a digital camera! I have been thinking over the last couple weeks - that I'd love to be able to capture images like so many other wonderful bloggers do... and share them with you! (Deb, Suzie, Melba!)

As I was leaving work last night to drive to my bank, there was the most beautiful sky. It wasn't a spectacular sunset with the bright colors. It was a very muted wintery sky. The full moon was just rising and was bright white against a light blue darkening to purple and pinks. With the bare tree limbs in front - it really was an enchanting. I wish I could have a permanent snap of that moment! My drive to the bank was all the more pleasant because of the beautiful sky!

I didn't even notice the bad drivers around me as much as usual. (I know they were still there, I just wasn't as bugged as normal! And that's a good thing! I get quite bugged when driving usually!) Happy full moon! :)


It's December!!

Posted by Tammy

Wow, can you believe it!? And I'm behind...

Chel took on the project of making a calendar for the Sharpie Scouts. 13 of us scouts are contributing one card - one ATC for each month and a cover and Chel will put them all together into a Sharpie-rific calendar! My month was December. Now, when I think of December, I think of Christmas.

But, I wanted to try to be inclusive of everyone, so I tried to stay a little generic and not totally Christmas-y. I used traditional Christmas colors, but used Holly which to me, is just wintery. And the songs I used... a little more holiday, a little less Christmas - Deck the Halls, Silver Bells (my favorite!) and A Few of My Favorite Things.

I like the simplicity of this card. I wasn't sure where I would go because it could have been totally over the top. But I kept it fairly simple. I didn't even add glitter since it will be a copy that everyone gets - not the original. (although - in the scan there are bits of glitter... from the scanner bed... wonder how that happened?!)

Chel - it's on the way! My next project - framing a few of my ATCs from the October SAC challenge for holiday gifts!

Unconscious Mutterings

Posted by Tammy

  1. Hello :: darkness, my old friend (Yep - we've been listening to lots of Simon and Garfunkel lately! This is a fantastic song! {and come to find out, Mike thinks the lyrics are "Silence like a casserole", NOT what they really are... Silence like a cancer grows...})
  2. Flinstone :: Yabba-dabba Doo!
  3. Corn :: Salsa
  4. Interview :: Questions
  5. Deviant :: Art
  6. Concept :: Idea
  7. Bridge :: Over Troubled Water
  8. Karen :: Carpenter
  9. Encounter :: Aliens
  10. Biological :: Clock (and mine is most definitely NOT ticking! No kiddies for me!)



Kitty Troubles

Posted by Tammy

We are having cat troubles at home this week. I don't know what is in the air, but Oscar has decided to make it his mission in life to torment Ben. Up until this point, Oscar hasn't been the troublemaker (for the most part...) About a week ago though, he chased Ben down and pinned him. There was a fair bit of fur flying. We interceded and Oscar spent a night in solitary. That apparently didn't help. Monday night, Oscar took off after Ben again. This time though, the other cats got involved by way of being in the line of fire. Henry and Luna were eating when Ben and Oscar tussled. Henry took a flying leap (literally) from the kitchen to the downstairs (through the railing). Luna was sufficiently scared by the fight that she actually choked on a piece of food. I thought I was going to have to give her the kitty heimlich. She worked it out thankfully, but it was scary!

Do you have any advice for keeping peace between kitties? We can't figure out what has happened. Luna, for once, isn't the one causing trouble! Oscar is a grump always, but typically has left the other cats alone. He pinned Luna last night and chewed on her a bit. Having all these kitty troubles has convinced me that I'm right - I'm not suited for motherhood. (Oscar is the grey, lounging kitty. Look, he even has the remote! Luna is the big, black girl with him!)

I yell, which makes me cry, which then in turn makes me very angry at the cats. If I can't handle punishing cats, I definitely couldn't handle kids! At least I've learned that from our kitty issues! Maybe our cats need a therapist! (Is there a cat whisperer?) Or maybe, as Mike and I have theorized, they are all going to get locked in the basement for a week to work out their differences! Right now, I'd like to find new homes for each and every last one of them! (and I'm definitely not putting up a Christmas tree - they would likely knock it over and then I really would be mad!!)

On a happier note, I put up a new song for the holidays! (I hope I don't offend anyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas... not my intention!) I love White Christmas - it is one of my favorite songs, and movies! (The video in this case is actually from the movie Holiday Inn - another favorite!) Bing Crosby is fantastic. (second only to Gene Kelly!) :)


Books of 2006

Posted by Tammy

I signed up at the beginning of this year to do a challenge - Read 50 books by the end of 2006. I didn't think this would be a problem for me because I love to read and always have at least 2 books going!

I've met and exceeded my goal! Looking at the list of books I've read this year was interesting (I'm not done reading for the year by any means! I'm sure I'll have at least a few more titles to add!) I got stuck on several authors and read numerous titles by them.

I thought it might be fun to share my list here with you all! Some of these books are favorites that I've read more than once - others are new authors/titles!

1. Lord John and the Private Matter by Diana Gabaldon

2. Heart of the Sea by Nora Roberts

3. Declassified (Alias TV Series) by Mark Cotta Vox

4. S is for Silence by Sue Grafton

5. Wilderness Venture by Elizabeth Howard (this is an older title - not readily available unless you can find it used. I bought my copy on Ebay!)

6. Mama's Bank Account by Kathryn Forbes

7. Red Lily by Nora Roberts

8. The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown

9. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

10. On Green Dolphin Street by Sebastian Faulks (I love this author! One of my favorite books is Charlotte Grey by him. There is also a movie - Charlotte Grey - starring Cate Blanchett, that is fantastic!)

The Wind Singer by William Nicholson

Fortune's Daughter by Alice Hoffman

The Camino by Shirley MacLaine

Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn by Kris Radish (This book really inspired me the first time I read it more than a year ago. It is the story of a woman's journey of self-discovery. I made the painting at the right to remind myself!)

Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts

16. Cabin on the Silver Tongue by... (This is a really old title. I have an old, battered library copy that my mom read to me many times when I was a kid. I still love the story!)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Changeling by Kate Horsely

Floor Sample by Julia Cameron

Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes (I did see the movie based on this book - but the book FAR outweighs the Hollywood version in this case! And the recipes... yum!)

Alias: Recruited by Lynn Mason (I am an Alias addict - since the end of the show, I had to do something to keep getting my fix. These novels are for young adults - pretty cheesy, but fun!)

Alias: A Secret Life by Laura Roberts

Alias: Disappeared by Lynn Mason

Alias: The Pursuit by Elizabeth Skurnick

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Laura: The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder by Donald Zochert (When I was a kid, the Laura Ingalls stories were some of my favorites. I read, and re-read her books many times!)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling

Jewels of the Sun by Nora Roberts

Tears of the Moon by Nora Roberts

Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult

Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult

Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult

Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd (This is a life-changer! Her novels are also fantastic!)

True Balance by Sonia Choquette (Still working on this one!)

The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell (This is one of Mike's favorite books - he recommended I read it. It was difficult in spots, but oh, so wonderful! Her storytelling is superb. And she gives you so much to think about. The characters were delightful too!)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling

Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult (Of all of the books I read this year by Jodi Picoult, this was my favorite!)

The Witch of Blackbird Pond by E.G. Speare (A perennial favorite!)

A Break with Charity (A Story about the Salem Witch Trials) by Ann Rinaldi

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by JK Rowling (And now we wait for book 7)

The Pact by Jodi Picoult

The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Ancestors of Avalon by Diana Paxson

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

The Daring Female's Guide to Ecstatic Living by Natasha Kogan (I need to keep this book with me all the time to remind myself of the things the author puts forth! Very fun and also very useful!)

51. Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

Next on the list... 53. The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon (I LOVE this series - I've read all of them but this one before. The characters are great - and don't let the size of the novels {1000 pages or more} put you off!)


Unconscious Mutterings

Posted by Tammy

  1. Rhyme :: "No more rhymes now, and I mean it!" .... "Anybody want a peanut?" Name that movie line! :)

  2. Substantial :: Enough

  3. Instant :: Gratification (I like small art for this very fact - ATC size is great because I don't have to wait very long to see the finished product!)

  4. Greed :: Avarice - one of the seven deadly sins

  5. Brad :: Pitt (who else?!)

  6. Season :: Autumn!! (My favorite!)

  7. Accomplished :: Pianist - not sure where this came from.

  8. Invite :: to a party

  9. Sparkle :: Glitter - of course!!

  10. Rainbow :: Somewhere over the....



How was your Thanksgiving?

Posted by Tammy

Well, this has been a pretty nice, calm Thanksgiving! Mike and I spent Thanksgiving day at our friends Rod and Rebecca's house. Her parents, Bob and Fran were also there. A fun day - spent with fun people! And yummy food of course! I made some pretty great mashed potatoes! I took your advice, Suzie! Letting the water all cook off before mashing helped keep them from getting gummy as I mashed them!

I used red skin potatoes (skin on), added a little butter, a little garlic, and one bunch of scallions. Then I mixed in one package of herb Boursin cheese. They were quite tasty, without gravy added! :)

I was off yesterday, but Mike had to work. I didn't do much, but I did get some needed housecleaning done. I also made a pot of wonderful (if I do say so myself) Chicken noodle soup. (using a bit of the leavings from the turkey that Rod cooked!) Yummy - the house smelled so good after it was boiling!!

Today, we are headed to Mike's dad's house for a Thanksgiving dinner with his step-siblings. I'm in the process of making my "famous" corn casserole. (This has been a cooking blog the last couple of posts! Fall weather makes me want to stay home and be domestic!) It's not healthy at all, but it sure is yummy. Basic ingredients - corn, cream corn, jiffy mix corn bread, melted butter, sour cream (with chives), and lots of cheese. Mix all together and bake! (If you want the "real" recipe, let me know!) It's starting to smell good! We'll head out as soon as it is done baking.

We don't see Mike's family very often. We're going down a bit early so he can visit with his dad. His real brother won't be there, just step-brothers and sisters and their kids. His brother, Jeff, will be visiting around Christmas this year.

I hope you're all enjoying your time with families! Can you believe it's the holiday season already? Pshew!!


The art of cooking

Posted by Tammy

Ok - this isn't a cooking blog, but cooking is like art, right?

Well, last night's dinner was truly inspired! And totally yummy!! Mike and I had purchased this strange sausage at Whole Foods a month or so ago and never figured out what to do with it. It was chipotle cherry sausage... kind of a mystery how to fix it!

Well, I decided to just experiment! And it was a success!

I sauteed onion with garlic in olive oil. Then I added in some chopped red and yellow bell pepper. To that mix I added chopped crimini mushrooms. Then I crumbled in the sausage. I let that all simmer and cook for a while. After the sausage had fully cooked, I diced in two tomatoes. I let it all simmer for a bit more, then I added a couple tablespoons of cream cheese, and a handful of asiago, parmesan mix. It cooked up into a nice sauce that was creamy and cheesy!
I added this to penne noodles, and it was dinner! The combination worked! The sausage had a bit of a spicy kick with a sweet cherry here and there. The veggies always work together and complimented the sausage. The cream cheese made it nice and creamy, with the bite from the stronger cheese.

I don't cook every night by any means, but I do love it. I love experimenting like this - especially when my experiments are successful!! Art in its own right! :)

And now, I'm off to find the perfect mashed potato recipe (I'm thinking I will include some boursin cheese to fancy them up!)


Happy Monday!

Posted by Tammy

Well, can you believe it is Thanksgiving week already?! Good grief! I can't believe how this particular year has flown! And I need to Christmas shop and create!! Yikes!

I had a bit more creativity flowing this weekend. Mary Ann over at
Follow Your Bliss hosted a cookie recipe swap this year that I'm participating in. You'll see in a previous post that my industrious partner Suzie already got my package to me, but that I am a procrastinator and am just now finishing up her package! (Suzie - if you're reading this - it really, truly is in the works. I'm trying for Friday to get it mailed off to you!)

I don't want to post any pictures of my project until Suzie receives her package - don't want to spoil the surprise, but it has been FUN to work on! Cookies, recipes, and glitter - what could be more fun than that?! (although my first attempts at glitter didn't work out so well... we'll see what happens next!)

I have a few ideas to work on for Christmas presents for friends and family. I'm looking forward to Friday because I'm off from work for the holiday. Mike has to work though, so I'll have the day to myself - can you say holiday shopping?! I don't have much to do, I don't buy too many presents, but I like to shop and don't very often. (which is a good thing for my checkbook!)

I'm wondering about putting up a Christmas tree this year. I haven't done so in a LONG time. When I had first moved into my own place, I put up a tree. But, Lissy and Oscar - as young cats, decided that climbing it was the thing to do. Now, knocking it down wouldn't have been ALL bad, but I collect antique shiny bright bulbs... they are fragile... a lot of them got busted... therefore, no tree in subsequent Christmases. I'm wondering what our clan would do with a tree. Luna is the youngest of the bunch at 2 years old... But, we do have Henry - curiousity definitely kills this cat. (who spent much of last night locked in the cat food closet... he sneaks in and gets locked in! This is not the first time... dork!) Hmmm.... I have BOXES of Christmas decor in the basement... maybe we should have a tree. I can't decide! What do you all think?!

Well, this was a ramblin' post. I'm thinking I'll have more art to TALK about, but not a lot to post coming up on Christmas because I don't want to give away my presents to recipients...


Digital Collage!

Posted by Tammy

So, I've been wanting to do this since the end of the Sharpie Art by the Card challenge! And now I have!

I took the digital scans of all 90 ATC cards that I completed in the month of October and made one big, digital collage of them!! Pshew - there is a lot of color on this collage!

It's pretty impressive (even if I do say so myself) to see them all together. I never did see them ALL together in "real life" because numerous cards had to be mailed off for swaps before the end of the month! Thank goodness for technology so I still have my scans of every card!

What do you think?! Fun, huh? :) (you can see it a bit larger by going to my flickr page)

True Balance

Posted by Tammy

Well, I have been quite procrastinational (yes, I know - it's a made up word!) in reading True Balance. I have SO enjoyed reading posts about the 4th and 5th chakras from various bloggers such as Suzie, Caroline, Shannon and Melba!

What I haven't done is to delve into these particular chakras for myself. And I've realized why.

When I was regularly going to art therapy groups, our therapist Andrea used Chakra cards to get us warmed up for our sessions. We would each close our eyes and intuitively draw a color card corresponding with the chakras.

Without fail, each time I drew a card, it was either the green or blue card - corresponding with the heart chakra or the throat chakra. More often than not, it was blue. This made sense to me at the time, and still does. I was in art therapy because I needed to learn about my true self, but more than that, I needed to learn to EXPRESS my true self. My voice had been buried, and I wasn't speaking my truth very often.

Each time we did this exercise, I would sit with the color and I would theme whatever piece I did in that group using the color. I don't have any of these works scanned in to share with you, but suffice it to say, the process of doing this bit of chakra work was quite powerful. I learned, even in small part, that by expressing my own creativity, I was speaking my truth.

The reason I have been less than ready to read these chapters is that I know I haven't been speaking my truth as often of late. I hold a lot back, I don't create when I know I need to (yes, NEED!) This isn't good for me (or anyone) and subconciously, I know that if I do read and delve into these chapters, I'll need to make some changes. I may not be ready to make them right now, but I am at least aware that I need to make them!

For myself, I promise that I will read these chapters. I just have to get myself in the right frame of mind to do so! I have a long weekend coming up with Thanksgiving. Mike has to work on Friday, so I'll have all day at home by myself. Maybe that will be the day!

Thanks to all of you other bloggers who have stuck with this book and have posted such open, honest writings! The picture I've included is a collage I did a couple of years ago. It wasn't specifically for chakra work, but the color theme fits the throat chakra. To me - this collage is quite peaceful and serene - something I need! I did it in the middle of the night when I was having trouble sleeping.


I'm still here!

Posted by Tammy

I have not disappeared into thin air, although my theoretical posts have! My energy and brain level this week has been appalingly low - therefore, no posts! No art, no creativity, etc...

I have been fighting headaches, but more specifically migraines, for about 10 years now. I go for periods of time where they aren't too bad, and then I get stuck in a period where they ARE too bad! These past 2-3 weeks have been bad. Very bad. I have a hard time functioning when I have a migraine. (as you can imagine) I've tried every medication around to prevent them from happening. I have medications that do help stop them, but I try to use it sparingly as it is EXPENSIVE!

I wake up with them, but the only thing that takes them away for good is sleep... how much sense does that make? I have a few food-triggers that I know of: peanuts, aged cheese, red wine, citrus. I avoid these things almost completely. (Peanut butter is the hardest to avoid!) Weather changes get me too. I can't control the weather! And I live in Colorado, where the weather changes at the drop of a hat - several times a day sometimes! Yikes!

My neck bothers me from an old, scary injury. (I fell down my parents' stairs when I was a jr in high school - landed square on my neck. It's a wonder I didn't break it! I've had a lot of trouble since and go to the chiropractor regularly.) And my hormones are always all out of whack - so fluctuations there cause headaches too!

My current doctor (nurse practitioner actually) has been wonderful. She has migraines herself, so she is empathetic and more than willing to try things. She gives me samples before prescribing these expensive meds. Yesterday, she had some new ideas for me. I'm already taking a blood pressure med indicated for migraines, and a birth control also indicated to help with hormonal migraines. She suggested that I add a calcium/magnesium regimen and also to take ginger pills. Apparently ginger is an anti-inflammatory. I knew it was good stuff, but didn't know that!

So, I've added these things. She also gave me samples of an epilepsy med called Topamax. I've taken it before, but this was before it was indicated for migraines. It had some positive affect, but then my insurance quit covering it. I just couldn't afford the $300+ a month for it. So... we'll see if the cal and ginger works before starting that!

I've tried massage, acupuncture, reiki (which Mike does for me - it relaxes me at the very least!) and other natural remedies... Anyone have any new ideas for me?! I'm very frustrated to say the least. But, I'm trying to get to the root of the problem. That's all I can do. And just hang on hoping for headache free days!!


Unconscious Mutterings

Posted by Tammy

  1. Nick :: of Time - a great Bonnie Raitt album

  2. Focus :: Lacking - many days!

  3. Police :: Protectors

  4. Miles :: Frequent Flier

  5. Earn :: Work

  6. Twice :: absolutely nothing comes to mind... blank!

  7. Razor :: shaving - blech!

  8. Personality :: Test - INFP on the Meyers Briggs version

  9. Dumped :: Yep, I have been...

  10. Reliable :: Trustworthy



The Blahs!

Posted by Tammy

Hmmm, I think I'm having a case of the blahs! I have nothing interesting to say. My mind is just fuzzy-muzzy, and I think I'm catching a fall cold.

Blah! Do you ever get into a place where you just feel sort of off? Not bad, just off?! That's me this week. Work has been busy, so my mind races during the day to keep up with it all. I go home at night and just want to crash! But, I'm also not sleeping well this week. What is up with that?!

My cat, Henry, has a cold. Did you know cats could get colds? I sure didn't. But, he's congested, sneezing, wheezing - which all put together makes him barf... frequently... at 2:30, 3:45, 4:15 a.m..... I swear, I know just a tiny bit what it's like to have a child now - I jump at the first hint of a kitty barf noise and try to get him to linoleum instead of carpet... not that it ever works...

And, to top it off, Mike had the day off today, for Veteran's Day. But, I had to work. Blah! Let me tell you how hard it was to leave the house this morning, when I just wanted to stay home and play!

Well, I guess I needed to rant for a few minutes. This isn't a very pleasant post, but I needed to vent my blahs! Hopefully, this will be a good weekend to relax, hopefully feel better, and maybe, just maybe create some new art. I'm in a slump after my Sharpie-fied October! Hope all of you have a great weekend too - and here's hoping for a Blah-Free next week!


Pegged as a Pickler?

Posted by Tammy

This is interesting. A comment at one of my online art groups got me to thinking - how am I pegged? In other words, how do people really see me? (By the way, my online AV friend, if you read this - Thank you for the comment - it really made me think!!!)

I posted a message about giving my homemade pickles as holiday gifts and this person responded - "I didn't peg you as a pickle person". Nothing about her statement was really out there or anything, but it made me wonder! I don't think I can easily be pegged as any one sort of person! And I think I like it that way!

I've put myself into boxes, definitions, labels before. And that isn't good for me. I find it limiting. I find myself being hyper-critical of everything about me if I don't wind up fitting the label that I have put on myself. The only label that works for me is eclectic. This leaves it wide open for me to be whatever I've decided at the moment!

So, yes, I am a pickle person. I love the old-fashioned process of putting up cucumbers to make yummy dill pickles.

I am an artist (love that label! hope I can live up to it!)

I am a sharpie-holic.

I am addicted to Dancing with the Stars, but this is the only TV program I watch. (because Alias was cancelled and American Idol hasn't started up again!)

I am a dedicated World of Warcraft player.

I am a blog-o-holic. Reading and creating posts on my own blog rev me up!

I am Mike's girlfriend, and a kitty-mom.

These are all labels, but I fit every odd one of them.

How do you all see me? Do you have a label that you use when you think of me? I'm wondering now if I label others as well? I read a lot of blogs, but I don't think I have labels for you all - I think I am just full of admiration for you wonderful, creative, talented, honest women! (and men, but mostly women!)

Ok... that's my rant for today... all started from a Pickle comment! :)


Don't forget to vote!

Posted by Tammy

I voted this morning! I hope all of you did as well. We need some change in this country and being able to "speak our minds" with our votes is a way to start. We were given the option of touch screen or paper ballots at our polling places. I chose paper... I guess I'm interested in the paper trail. Here's hope for some welcome and much needed changes this election day!


Unconscious Mutterings

Posted by Tammy

  1. Theft :: Violated

  2. Storage :: Basement (which I have for the first time ever!!)

  3. Pick :: and Grin (yes, I was raised around country musicians!)

  4. Los Angeles :: California ... hmmm, not very creative on this one!

  5. The one :: Mike

  6. Accent :: Fun - I'm from Colorado, a native, but I have a "Boston" sort of accent on many words (like order, water, drawer, and soda! {which everyone from Colorado calls Pop})

  7. Rivalry :: Sibling

  8. Process :: Think through

  9. Streets :: of Laredo

  10. Museum :: Metropolitan (of art) - where the Starry Night hangs!



I've Been Turned In!!

Posted by Tammy

My friend Andrea turned me in! I have to go to JAIL!! On November 15th, I'll be "jailed" to support the March of Dimes and their Jail and Bail event! Andrea got turned in too, so she and I will be jailbirds together. (She doesn't know who turned her in though!)

The bail is raising donations to help the March of Dimes! I've already had a few lovely people donate to help me get out of jail! If you're interested in helping my bail fund, you can donate online - no pressure! (really and truly - no pressure! I'm just sharing because it's fun and I thought you all would enjoy!) I'm sure they will eventually release me with or without funds! But it is a good cause. I'm excited to help and I think it will be a fun jail experience!

Andrea and I got a head start on being delinquents on our girls weekend a couple months ago - here we are "raising the roof"! :)


I made my GOAL!!! :)

Posted by Tammy

I made it to 90 ATCs created in the month of October. I finished last night with the remaining five!! :) I'm very happy that I made my goal - and pretty amazed at all the art I created!

43 out of the 90 weren't for a specific swap, so I get to keep those (or send them to someone else!) 57 ATCs have gone postal for specific swaps, so I can expect to get some cool art from other Sharpie Scouts in the mail soon!

My 86th card was for the homophone swap - I've been thinking about this particular card all week and finally got it worked out last night! It is called "Carrot Karat" and I LOVE this card! I don't usually love my cards, but this one hit exactly right! I wish glitter scanned better... but you get the idea!! :)

The other 4 cards I did last night were totally random, and fun! I am happy to be done with the push to create so many, but also happy that I did it! I hope some of my momentum can carry over to "everyday" art and I'll keep creating. Ruth, an online friend, has suggested that I use some of my designs from the ATCs I created and paint them. I think this is a great idea and one I'm going to explore.

Again, thanks for all the supportive comments. Now, I'm off to shake off the Sharpie fumes! :) (Cards 87-90 below!!)


Cookie Swap Goodness!

Posted by Tammy

I got a fun surprise in my mail yesterday!! A package from my Cookie Swap Partner, Sacred Suzie! She is ahead of me in mailing out our swaps, but mine will be on the way soon!! (I will have time to do other stuff besides making ATCs starting tomorrow!!)

She sent me a wonderful little personalized recipe book containing recipes (and lovely photos!) for some yummy sounding cookies!! She also included a little sweet treat for me. We had previously decided not to attempt swapping actual cookies since she is in Canada and I'm in the US. We decided that customs might not like it!

Inside I found my personalized page including a very helpful little kitty! :) (My cats would not be so helpful I'm guessing!)

And the recipes!! Yummy! (email me if you want copies of any of the recipes!)

Strawberry Margarita Thumbprint Cookies
Chocolate-Chip Meringue Kisses
Shortbread Chocolate Bar Cookies
Fabulous Chocolate Cookies
Mocha Cookies
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Lemon Sunshine Cookies
S'mores (bars!)
And Strawberry Sugar Cookie Hearts!!! (pictured below)

I think I'll have to try out the shortbread first - I LOVE shortbread cookies. Mike is going to be happy with this swap because I am going to be inspired to bake!!

Thank you SOO much Suzie! And Mary Ann for putting together such a fun swap! :)

Today is the LAST day of October (and Halloween!!) I have FIVE more cards to create tonight to hit my goal of 90 ATCs in one month!! (ATC = 2.5" by 3.5" artist trading cards) I made five new ones last night, and I think I will keep this set for myself. I like the style I used and I think I'm going to try to get them framed together as a set!

I counted last night and it looks like I made 50 of my 90 cards for specific swaps. The other 40 were random cards that I'll either keep or make into gifts for someone! (I'm sending some to my sister I know!)
Here are cards 81-85. I WILL have at least five more cards to share tomorrow!! Boy, I'm not sure what I'll do with myself come November! I've been toting my Sharpies with me everywhere this month!!


ATCs 72-80 - done! 10 to go!

Posted by Tammy

Well, I have 80 down, 10 to go before tomorrow at midnight! I can do it!! And WILL! :)

Even with my hectic weekend (and a horrible migraine yesterday to top it off) I created cards numbered 72-80! Most of these are just random, not for any specific swap. But, I did make one for the Homophone swap. It is called Plumb Plums. (plumb: in a perpendicular or vertical direction.) So - a line of plums in other words! It was a fun one, and I really like the outcome.

The rest are just random creations. I had fun just playing (as usual) but also really like a couple of the finished products. We'll see what my overtired brain comes up with tonight and tomorrow to finish out the month! Thanks for all of your supportive comments along the way! It's been fun to have a place to share my creations!


Unconscious Mutterings (and an update)

Posted by Tammy

  1. Stuff :: Way too much of it!
  2. Block :: No art
  3. Ingredient :: Cooking
  4. Flagrant :: Disregard
  5. Dandruff :: Flakey
  6. Betty :: Apple Brown
  7. Tide :: Pools
  8. Judges :: Supreme Court
  9. Take it easy :: Chill
  10. Chef :: Gourmet


Well, I have a BUSY weekend ahead. And I have (still) 19 cards to finish to hit my goal! (Nothing new yesterday - I was fighting a migraine last night.) I have to work tomorrow (NEVER work on Saturdays...) but this is the exception. We have a booth at a Pet Health Fair and I'm manning the booth with our pet loss counselor, Dana. I have to leave my house at 6:30 a.m. to get to Denver on time (YIKES!) I'm bringing my Sharpies with me, but am not counting on time to get anything done. Sunday will be catch up on housework, shopping, laundry, etc. day. We usually do this on Saturdays.

So, I won't be blogging until probably Monday evening or Tuesday, but I sure hope at that time I have a BUNCH of artwork to post!! See you all then! :)


Dancing with the Stars... and #71

Posted by Tammy

I wasn't overly inspired last night - I only created one card - #71! I was caught up in the drama of Dancing with the Stars - Yes, I'm hooked! Jerry Springer went home last night - what a class act he was! He tried very hard in spite of the fact he can't dance and went out very elegantly. Almost made me cry! He did make me cry the week he waltzed for his daughter.

It's a fun show that makes me happy! I've been rooting for Emmitt Smith all along and he remains my favorite! His Mambo was absolutely the best!! (My co-worker, Marti, is rooting for Joey - we discuss every week the day after!)

But - on to art! I have been thinking hard on homophone ideas. I have a few more, but this is what materialized last night. I did take a bit of artistic license ...

This is "Flocks of Phlox". I know - the flowers aren't really phlox, but the size and bright colors worked better! (I couldn't find the seed/flower catalog I KNOW I have squirrelled away somewhere!) This was fun - it is collaged with the flowers cut from magazines and the wings/background are done with Staedtler fineliners. This homophone swap is proving to be quite a challenge, but very fun! I have several more ideas I hope to get done. But, I need 19 more cards before next Tuesday. We shall see what happens!!


More cards!! I'm up through 70!!

Posted by Tammy

Well, I've found that I miscounted somewhere along the line and I truly am at 70, even though my cards show only 69! (Somewhere out there are two cards with the same number!) Since I have sent off some of these cards for swaps, I may never figure out my error! Oh, well - I have created 70 out of 90 none-the-less!!

This first set is for the Don't Fear the Sharpie Swap which I'm mailing off tomorrow! I have created 10 cards for this swap. These are two of my favorites from last night's cards - possibly even overall!

These next cards are just random stuff - not for any particular swap. Just playing with ideas and designs. The flower in the upper left corner was inspired by a fellow Sharpie Scout who does amazing, lovely things with flowers - very simple, but elegant and lovely.

The last card I did is actually oil pastels not Sharpie (gasp!) I have always loved oil pastels, but haven't used them much lately. I LOVE the feeling of smudging them and the way the colors combine and run together. This is one of my favorite cards. I'm unsure of how to seal it though to keep the colors from smudging. I've made the colors quite a lot heavier than I usually do with the pastels... Any ideas?!

I'm getting closer to my goal. 6 days, 20 cards to go!! Shouldn't be a problem with a couple more productive nights like last night. Maybe I'll even exceed my 90!! Thanks for all of your positive comments and support! It helps!!

I've also added a guest map to my sidebar. If you're so inclined, I'd love to have you add yourself! I am curious by nature and love to know where you all are from!! (the collective you... or all y'all!)


#60! Peace Piece

Posted by Tammy

This one lone card represents #60 on my way to 90! I didn't feel very inspired last night (and actually made this one this morning before work!) I will have to get inspired to finish this challenge!
This one is for a homophone swap (optional theme - but extremely challenging!) Dictionary.com defines a homophone as:

Phonetics. a word pronounced the same as another but differing in meaning, whether spelled the same way or not, as heir and air.
This is definitely a challenging swap - I have a few ideas that I'm going to play with tonight... Any of you have any suggestions?!


Almost 2/3 done!!

Posted by Tammy

Well, I didn't get quite as far as I wanted this weekend, but I did create a lot of cards for my challenge!! I am up to 59 out of 90!! Yay!! I think I'm going to make my goal - I have until next Tuesday to complete 31 more ATC cards!!

This first set is for the "Don't Fear the Sharpie" Swap - using Sharpies you haven't tried before. They use the Sharpie paint pens and the Sharpie highlighters. I had a load of fun making all four of these. The metallic silver doesn't scan real well, so they are prettier in real life!

The next cards I did were total randomness (again!) and not for any specific swaps. I found myself just doodling and making patterns - that actually turned into pretty cool cards! The top two on this next set are after the style of Mondrian. I've done cards like this before and I really do like the result. Each one is unique. The top left card just about did my eyes in - very crazy details! The bottom two are my "signature" squiggle doodles. I like the left one though because I used angular lines instead of swirly.

This last set were the most fun to make! On the top two I combined my Sharpies with oil pastels - my favorite new combo! The smudginess of the pastels with the sharpness of the Sharpies (tee-hee) just works for me! Plus, using oil pastels - I get my hands dirty which I love doing in making art!

The middle two are more randomness... just playing with color and design. The bottom one was fun to make and I'm pleased with the end result. I just used turquoise and purple and switched the two and had them meet in the middle. It's a cool effect! (if you ask me anyway!)


Totally Random -- 43-46

Posted by Tammy

Well, I'm just over halfway to my goal and it's a little more than half way through the month! I think I can, I think I can!!

Our house guest is leaving this morning, so I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend, being lazy in my jamas! My sister was going to visit tomorrow, but there is snow in the forecast so her visit has been postponed. We'll find another time soon!

I am going to the finals of the State Marching Band competition tomorrow night. My friend Nancy's (former landlord) son, Nam is in the Loveland High School band. They are quite good - won state two years ago. They are marching at Hughes Stadium here in Fort Collins, so I'm going to meet up with Nancy and go watch them in the finals. It brings back a LOT of memories - I was in band in high school - actually in the Color Guard for marching season. Our band was very good - we won state several years while I was involved!! (In my sophomore year, I was the captain of the color guard and we won best guard in the state in our division!!) It's fun to go and cheer them all on! I'm afraid we'll freeze though - especially if the snow does arrive! Yikes!

I created four very random cards last night in semi-darkness - I was working while Mike and Paul watched videos - so, these were done with very little light - and are a little strange! They aren't for a specific swap, just for my goal!! Cards 43-46!! I hope to get a lot closer to the 90 mark this weekend!


Booking Through Thursday - Reading in Bed

Posted by Tammy

Well, I haven't done Booking through in a couple weeks, so decided, since I had no new art for today, that I would! :) More art hopefully tomorrow!! I'm gonna have to work like a demon over the weekend to catch myself up!

Booking Through Thursday

1. Do you read in bed? For how long? Do you fall asleep reading? Will a good book keep you up all night?

I love to read in bed! I find that if I can read for a little bit before sleeping, I fall asleep quicker. I tend to lay there for a while before sleep hits anyway, so why not read?! It is usually only for a few minutes though. I never fall asleep while reading. But, a good book can keep me up longer than intended (less now though because I don't want to keep Mike up... although I think he could sleep through an earthquake!)

I do have to be careful of my subject matter though. If I am reading a mystery or thriller (such as Patricia Cornwell books) I can't read it in bed - I get too keyed up and a little paranoid!

    2. Where do you keep your nighttime reading? Do you have a special table next to the bed? Are there many books there? Do you keep books there that you aren't reading (finished or unread)?

    I have a nightstand next to my bed that holds a lot of stuff, including a stack of books. Many are finished that I just haven't put away yet. I also almost always have more than one book in process at any given time, so those are all there as well. You can usually count on there being between 6-10 books stacked on my nightstand at once!! :)


    40, 41, and 42

    Posted by Tammy

    These are cards 40-42! I'm almost halfway done (and just past the halfway point in the month!) I'm feeling pretty good about hitting my goal of 90 cards!!

    On the left is a card inspired by a fellow Sharpie scout and for an Eye Swap hosted by her! She does amazing things with lines and minimal color! I had a blast playing with this one - I called it simply "Eye Design". It is black sharpie smudged with oil pastels.

    On the right is one I called "Smokey Eye" for the same swap. I'm not quite as happy with it, but I really do like the "smudginess" of it. My mistake with this one was attempting to put sharpie OVER the oil pastels instead of the other way round. Sharpies don't like oil pastels - the tips get all gummed up! Lesson learned!

    On the left is one I called Starburst. It is Sharpies and Oil pastels for the "Sharpie and Friends" Swap. I drew the starburst pattern with fine tip sharpies and then smudged the oil pastes on top! I haven't used my beloved oil pastels in a LONG time and it was like visiting with an old friend last night. I love the feeling of them - the smudging and blending! I have missed using them and didn't even know it! Now that I've used them again, I'll be adding them to a lot of cards I think! Some of my favorite art I've done in the past was done with oil pastels (Crayola brand!! They are the smoothest in my opinion)

    Having Mike's friend here this week has proved to be a good thing for me. I was able to be in the room with them, but continue to design my cards. And, Mike and I haven't been as caught up in our World of Warcraft time since he's visiting with Paul - it gave me some concentrated art time!! :) More to come - tomorrow - I hope!!