Happy Birthday Mike!!

Posted by Tammy

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you... I don't know if Mike actually reads my blog or not, but it is his birthday today! (the photo to the right is in the Japanese garden at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens in April - he has a beard now and looks quite different (good) with it!)

For those of you who don't know - Mike is my boyfriend! We met at eharmony.com back in October of 2004! We didn't meet in person until December 22nd - our 2 year anniversary is next Friday! We clicked right away after answering all of the series of questions that eharmony takes you through (such as close-ended questions, open-ended questions, and must-haves/can't-stands!) We emailed back and forth for a bit before talking on the phone. Calling Mike was a bit frustrating at first - because he screens his phone calls. I'd get my courage all worked up to call, and then, NO answer! But, we made it through that obviously! (we still screen calls by the way!)

We spent three hours at the restaurant the night we met - thankfully it was a quiet night - otherwise they would have kicked us out! And it was SNOWING - I mean big, fat, movie snow! Very pretty - the drive home? Not so pretty!

But, the rest is history - we moved into our house together back in February and are still working out the kitty kinks. (3 of mine + 2 of his = chaos and hissy-ness)

Anyway - Happy Birthday Cute Boy! :)

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Potato Print said...

Hi Tammy,

That's so wonderful about the love that you have for Mike. Every time you mention him in your blog, stars shine around his name. You really really deserve a good man. He is lucky to have found you.

I've been in such a work hole this week that I fell behind in my blog visits. I just saw that you mention me (!) on your last post. Thank you!

Your journal sounds really cool. I love the synchronicity of your post and the gift.

Enjoy your love.

krystin said...


Stopping by to wish you a very merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

Creative Wishes,

Krystin Goodsell

Tammy said...

I met my hubby in 2004 on American Singles. Worked out really well ;)

Happy Birthday Mike!

Janet said...

He is a cutie. I hope all the kitty kinks get settled. My hubby and I have two cats and they get along for about 5 minutes each day!!

P.S. - love the Glenn Miller music!