A borrowed Christmas Game

Posted by Tammy

Janet at Just Bee-Cause borrowed the game from a friend, and I'm borrowing it from her! The deal is this:

Google the word "Christmas" and the year of your birth and add photos that you find associated! It was fun to do this - I found a few good photos of 1974 Christmas that I'll share with you!

The holiday stamp from 1974 - 10 cents! Wow!

A Disney movie poster - Winnie the Pooh and Christmas too - a new feature for ABC TV in 1974.

And Last:
An ad for a James Bond (Roger Moore) Pen that looks like a gun... who would actually want this?!

2 Opinions:

melba said...

Very cool game. I need to go to bed soon, but I will try it some other time!

me said...

What a fun game - thanks for sharing!

I played here.

Have a wonderful Christmas! :)