Want a Mimmsical Creation??

Posted by Tammy

Well, then you're in luck! I played along at Red Shoe Ramblings to get a piece of Deb aRt and now I'm offering the same here!

The deal is this:

For the first five people who leave me a comment saying "I want a Mimmsical Creation" (or along those lines) AND a way to contact you via email, will get a one of a kind creation from me. (It's almost a sure bet that it will have Sharpie markers somewhere in the art!)

The only catch is this:

Not only do you have to tell me you want the art, but you then have to turn around and make this same offer on your blog! It's a cool pass it along or pay it forward game! :) I'm getting some Deb aRt, you can get some of my art, and then someone else benefits by getting your art! It's a cool thing!

Leave me your comment and I'll contact the first five of you (if there are that many!) and we'll go from there! I won't get any art mailed out until after the first of the year, but that's not so far away now is it??! Yikes!! OK - ready? go!

4 Opinions:

lila said...

This sounds like a great game! getting goodies in the mail is fun!
email me at roste11@cox.net and I will look forward to passing on art to other bloggers. I am a Libra, year of the Tiger too....October 15, 1950.

lila said...

Oops, I forgot to say "I want a Mimmsical Creation"....!

melba said...

I want a Mimmsical Creation!

Kellie said...

Me, me! I want one. I don't know what to post on my blog though to pass it on? I am not an artist?? But I still want a Mimmsical Creation. Thanks for reading Claire's blog! We love your comments.