Wonderful Synchronicity!

Posted by Tammy

I just left a comment the other day on Potato Prints about thinking I should write in a journal. I've never been good at writing a journal, but have always thought it was something I wanted to do!

I got in to work today to find a package on my chair. It was a thank you gift from my boss, Debby. I had helped her out a couple weeks ago with a last minute gift need. She bought me a journal! And not just any journal - this is called Sojourn. It comes with 8 dice. One is a topic die - you roll it and that is your topic (they include: family, work, love, soul, money, and play) Next, you choose three of seven dice that will give you keywords to think about in conjunction with your topic. These words range all over the place from action to home to fear, imagine, inspire, laugh, care, etc. After you roll the dice, you write based on the words that come up - in any format you choose.

It is truly a cool concept. Sometimes for me, the idea of writing in a journal is daunting because "I don't know what to write". This idea takes that fear away! Thanks Debby! Great timing! :) A new journal for an upcoming new year!

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croberts said...

Tammy, you wrote:
"for me, the idea of writing in a journal is daunting because "I don't know what to write"...

Well, I think lots of us have the same problem. Some time ago, I went to a workshop...and one topic was "journal writing". She didn't discuss anything about how to do this...she told us to open our book...she set a timer and told us to start writing and not to stop until the timer went off.

She did NOT give us time to think of a topic. We had to write for so many minutes...whatever thought/thoughts come into our heads.

I find this is really good when I want to write in my journal...but feel I have nothing to say. I just open the page...and start writing...I write whatever comes into my mind. It's a good way to get started.

Tammy said...

Thanks Carolyn!! I'll give that technique a try too!

Janet said...

The technique croberts described is from The Artist's Way. I do this too. I find it loosens up my creativity. In the book it's described kind of like getting rid of the garbage to make room for the good stuff! It's amazing how much it helps me.

I like the concept of Sojourn too. And what a nice boss to give you a gift like that.

Melba said...

So cool I want to see some journaling from you!