How was your Thanksgiving?

Posted by Tammy

Well, this has been a pretty nice, calm Thanksgiving! Mike and I spent Thanksgiving day at our friends Rod and Rebecca's house. Her parents, Bob and Fran were also there. A fun day - spent with fun people! And yummy food of course! I made some pretty great mashed potatoes! I took your advice, Suzie! Letting the water all cook off before mashing helped keep them from getting gummy as I mashed them!

I used red skin potatoes (skin on), added a little butter, a little garlic, and one bunch of scallions. Then I mixed in one package of herb Boursin cheese. They were quite tasty, without gravy added! :)

I was off yesterday, but Mike had to work. I didn't do much, but I did get some needed housecleaning done. I also made a pot of wonderful (if I do say so myself) Chicken noodle soup. (using a bit of the leavings from the turkey that Rod cooked!) Yummy - the house smelled so good after it was boiling!!

Today, we are headed to Mike's dad's house for a Thanksgiving dinner with his step-siblings. I'm in the process of making my "famous" corn casserole. (This has been a cooking blog the last couple of posts! Fall weather makes me want to stay home and be domestic!) It's not healthy at all, but it sure is yummy. Basic ingredients - corn, cream corn, jiffy mix corn bread, melted butter, sour cream (with chives), and lots of cheese. Mix all together and bake! (If you want the "real" recipe, let me know!) It's starting to smell good! We'll head out as soon as it is done baking.

We don't see Mike's family very often. We're going down a bit early so he can visit with his dad. His real brother won't be there, just step-brothers and sisters and their kids. His brother, Jeff, will be visiting around Christmas this year.

I hope you're all enjoying your time with families! Can you believe it's the holiday season already? Pshew!!

2 Opinions:

melba said...

Sounds wonderful. and those mashed potatoes...YummY!!!

We had a fun Thanksgiving too.

Maggie LOVeS your music she is dancing right now!!!

Sacred Suzie said...

I'm so glad that potato trick helped Tammy, I learned it from Emeril. That corn casserole sounds out of this world, I will definitely have to try that one. Can you use frozen corn? I have a ton and that would be perfect.

I love reading about your cooking! What fun.