More cards!! I'm up through 70!!

Posted by Tammy

Well, I've found that I miscounted somewhere along the line and I truly am at 70, even though my cards show only 69! (Somewhere out there are two cards with the same number!) Since I have sent off some of these cards for swaps, I may never figure out my error! Oh, well - I have created 70 out of 90 none-the-less!!

This first set is for the Don't Fear the Sharpie Swap which I'm mailing off tomorrow! I have created 10 cards for this swap. These are two of my favorites from last night's cards - possibly even overall!

These next cards are just random stuff - not for any particular swap. Just playing with ideas and designs. The flower in the upper left corner was inspired by a fellow Sharpie Scout who does amazing, lovely things with flowers - very simple, but elegant and lovely.

The last card I did is actually oil pastels not Sharpie (gasp!) I have always loved oil pastels, but haven't used them much lately. I LOVE the feeling of smudging them and the way the colors combine and run together. This is one of my favorite cards. I'm unsure of how to seal it though to keep the colors from smudging. I've made the colors quite a lot heavier than I usually do with the pastels... Any ideas?!

I'm getting closer to my goal. 6 days, 20 cards to go!! Shouldn't be a problem with a couple more productive nights like last night. Maybe I'll even exceed my 90!! Thanks for all of your positive comments and support! It helps!!

I've also added a guest map to my sidebar. If you're so inclined, I'd love to have you add yourself! I am curious by nature and love to know where you all are from!! (the collective you... or all y'all!)

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Carolyn said...

Have you tried the waterbase Portfolio oil pastels...lovely! and fun to use.