Dancing with the Stars... and #71

Posted by Tammy

I wasn't overly inspired last night - I only created one card - #71! I was caught up in the drama of Dancing with the Stars - Yes, I'm hooked! Jerry Springer went home last night - what a class act he was! He tried very hard in spite of the fact he can't dance and went out very elegantly. Almost made me cry! He did make me cry the week he waltzed for his daughter.

It's a fun show that makes me happy! I've been rooting for Emmitt Smith all along and he remains my favorite! His Mambo was absolutely the best!! (My co-worker, Marti, is rooting for Joey - we discuss every week the day after!)

But - on to art! I have been thinking hard on homophone ideas. I have a few more, but this is what materialized last night. I did take a bit of artistic license ...

This is "Flocks of Phlox". I know - the flowers aren't really phlox, but the size and bright colors worked better! (I couldn't find the seed/flower catalog I KNOW I have squirrelled away somewhere!) This was fun - it is collaged with the flowers cut from magazines and the wings/background are done with Staedtler fineliners. This homophone swap is proving to be quite a challenge, but very fun! I have several more ideas I hope to get done. But, I need 19 more cards before next Tuesday. We shall see what happens!!

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BlueJude said...

Oh Tammy Oh Tammy...Dancing with the Stars? I never would've thunk it! But hey, to each his own....whatever makes you happy.
I guess I shouldn't talk, being that I am addicted to the weather channel! *sigh*
Good luck on the hone stretch! I still think Pear, Pair was a good idea! {:

Tammy said...

Yep - I'm hooked! It's a guilty pleasure really. I've always loved ballroom dancing, and it is compelling watching these stars take on something outside of their normal realms. I just love it - and yes, it does make me happy! :)

I'm still thinking and working on my homophones so Pear/Pair is still on the possibles list!! I have a crazy weekend ahead though, so we'll see what actually happens!

Ruth said...

HEY BLUEJUDE...down here..watch out missy..you're stomping on some extremely sensitive dancin' tootsies here.(:<)Just kiddin'with ya...little weather geek.

Okay,sorry about that stella"ain't ready to make nice yet"...

Peace out baby, ruth

Tammy said...

I just knew Stella/Ruth had my back on the Dancin' thang!! :) That Max had you all worked up! Who you rooting for now?!? (Emmitt!?)