Digital Collage!

Posted by Tammy

So, I've been wanting to do this since the end of the Sharpie Art by the Card challenge! And now I have!

I took the digital scans of all 90 ATC cards that I completed in the month of October and made one big, digital collage of them!! Pshew - there is a lot of color on this collage!

It's pretty impressive (even if I do say so myself) to see them all together. I never did see them ALL together in "real life" because numerous cards had to be mailed off for swaps before the end of the month! Thank goodness for technology so I still have my scans of every card!

What do you think?! Fun, huh? :) (you can see it a bit larger by going to my flickr page)

3 Opinions:

melba said...

I love this. So cool!

~jolene said...

Oh Tammy...this is SOCOOL!
You should resize this and print yourself some greeting cards to send your friends....(hint, hint...LOL!).

Potato Print said...

What power and energy radiate from this collage. How many hours of work/play does this represent? It's especially fun for me because I recognize so many of them.