Happy Monday!

Posted by Tammy

Well, can you believe it is Thanksgiving week already?! Good grief! I can't believe how this particular year has flown! And I need to Christmas shop and create!! Yikes!

I had a bit more creativity flowing this weekend. Mary Ann over at
Follow Your Bliss hosted a cookie recipe swap this year that I'm participating in. You'll see in a previous post that my industrious partner Suzie already got my package to me, but that I am a procrastinator and am just now finishing up her package! (Suzie - if you're reading this - it really, truly is in the works. I'm trying for Friday to get it mailed off to you!)

I don't want to post any pictures of my project until Suzie receives her package - don't want to spoil the surprise, but it has been FUN to work on! Cookies, recipes, and glitter - what could be more fun than that?! (although my first attempts at glitter didn't work out so well... we'll see what happens next!)

I have a few ideas to work on for Christmas presents for friends and family. I'm looking forward to Friday because I'm off from work for the holiday. Mike has to work though, so I'll have the day to myself - can you say holiday shopping?! I don't have much to do, I don't buy too many presents, but I like to shop and don't very often. (which is a good thing for my checkbook!)

I'm wondering about putting up a Christmas tree this year. I haven't done so in a LONG time. When I had first moved into my own place, I put up a tree. But, Lissy and Oscar - as young cats, decided that climbing it was the thing to do. Now, knocking it down wouldn't have been ALL bad, but I collect antique shiny bright bulbs... they are fragile... a lot of them got busted... therefore, no tree in subsequent Christmases. I'm wondering what our clan would do with a tree. Luna is the youngest of the bunch at 2 years old... But, we do have Henry - curiousity definitely kills this cat. (who spent much of last night locked in the cat food closet... he sneaks in and gets locked in! This is not the first time... dork!) Hmmm.... I have BOXES of Christmas decor in the basement... maybe we should have a tree. I can't decide! What do you all think?!

Well, this was a ramblin' post. I'm thinking I'll have more art to TALK about, but not a lot to post coming up on Christmas because I don't want to give away my presents to recipients...

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Potato Print said...

Hi Tammy,

I really like visiting your blog because it gives me energy. You are such an industrious person. A cookie swap, a sharpie challenge, a Chrismas tree. All fall outside the bounds of my power. You also seem to have so much fun at what you do.

Sean Carter said...

That was a lovely post!! I think you should go ahead with the Christmas tree idea and do it up nicely!! If you are looking out for some more cool stuff you can jus peep into my Holiday Blog......

BlueJude said...

Maybe just put a few of those mini tabletop trees around. OR you could string ribbon across your windows, mantle, whatever and hang your wonderful ornies from there. Or just put em in a big bowl. JUst some thoughts.
Oh and Christmas Shopping? Ahhhh...yeah...I gotta get to that one too. Not my favorite thing to do!

Tammy said...

Caroline - it's really nice to hear that you get some energy from my blog. I do all of these things, but I don't FEEL very energetic much of the time. But, these fun things I do - the swaps, etc. - help keep me interested and creating!

Sean - thanks for visiting my blog! I'll definitely take a look at your holiday spot!

And BlueJude - I'm definitely considering alternate ways to decorate - I have lighted garland that is really pretty too! And I love shopping - especially for Christmas! I should offer a personal shopper service and do it for other people I think!! :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Not to worry Tammy, I'm in no rush and am happy you're taking your time. I have to say I am definitely intrigued though, LOL.