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Posted by Tammy

Well, I have been quite procrastinational (yes, I know - it's a made up word!) in reading True Balance. I have SO enjoyed reading posts about the 4th and 5th chakras from various bloggers such as Suzie, Caroline, Shannon and Melba!

What I haven't done is to delve into these particular chakras for myself. And I've realized why.

When I was regularly going to art therapy groups, our therapist Andrea used Chakra cards to get us warmed up for our sessions. We would each close our eyes and intuitively draw a color card corresponding with the chakras.

Without fail, each time I drew a card, it was either the green or blue card - corresponding with the heart chakra or the throat chakra. More often than not, it was blue. This made sense to me at the time, and still does. I was in art therapy because I needed to learn about my true self, but more than that, I needed to learn to EXPRESS my true self. My voice had been buried, and I wasn't speaking my truth very often.

Each time we did this exercise, I would sit with the color and I would theme whatever piece I did in that group using the color. I don't have any of these works scanned in to share with you, but suffice it to say, the process of doing this bit of chakra work was quite powerful. I learned, even in small part, that by expressing my own creativity, I was speaking my truth.

The reason I have been less than ready to read these chapters is that I know I haven't been speaking my truth as often of late. I hold a lot back, I don't create when I know I need to (yes, NEED!) This isn't good for me (or anyone) and subconciously, I know that if I do read and delve into these chapters, I'll need to make some changes. I may not be ready to make them right now, but I am at least aware that I need to make them!

For myself, I promise that I will read these chapters. I just have to get myself in the right frame of mind to do so! I have a long weekend coming up with Thanksgiving. Mike has to work on Friday, so I'll have all day at home by myself. Maybe that will be the day!

Thanks to all of you other bloggers who have stuck with this book and have posted such open, honest writings! The picture I've included is a collage I did a couple of years ago. It wasn't specifically for chakra work, but the color theme fits the throat chakra. To me - this collage is quite peaceful and serene - something I need! I did it in the middle of the night when I was having trouble sleeping.

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melba said...

I read all the chapters and answered the questions, but I really didn't get "into" the book until I payed attention and wrote notes in the margins and thought about what the chakrs meant to me. It helps me get more out of the book. I only have read a bit of chapter 6, but I am going to start my post tonight because Saturday will be a busy day for me.

I am interested in hearing more of what you think.

Potato Print said...

Hi Tammy,

I really appreciate this post a lot. First, I like hearing about color therapy. But also your post helps me realize how potent the book can be. A lot of people have dropped out, and now I understand. It's hard enough to put myself under the microscope and find my imbalances. But to do it in front of people!

The best thing I've gotten out of the book so far is awareness. Example: the orange lilies on my desk remind me to listen to my desires. The indigo sweater I just bought reminds me to see the possible.

Shannon said...

I love your collage - how wonderfully intuitive and serindipidious that its is fitting the theme!