ATCs 72-80 - done! 10 to go!

Posted by Tammy

Well, I have 80 down, 10 to go before tomorrow at midnight! I can do it!! And WILL! :)

Even with my hectic weekend (and a horrible migraine yesterday to top it off) I created cards numbered 72-80! Most of these are just random, not for any specific swap. But, I did make one for the Homophone swap. It is called Plumb Plums. (plumb: in a perpendicular or vertical direction.) So - a line of plums in other words! It was a fun one, and I really like the outcome.

The rest are just random creations. I had fun just playing (as usual) but also really like a couple of the finished products. We'll see what my overtired brain comes up with tonight and tomorrow to finish out the month! Thanks for all of your supportive comments along the way! It's been fun to have a place to share my creations!

2 Opinions:

BlueJude said...

Very clever....Tammy Plum!
YAY YOU for completing. Now have yourself a little party!

Tammy said...

I'm gonna have a party... tomorrow night! I have 5 left to make, but I'll get 'em done! :)

I like the plums myself - I'm still hoping to get a couple more homophones in - Pair Pear being one! :) We'll see...

And Bluejude - You were visitor 2,000 to my blog!! Whoo-hoo! You win a non-existent prize! :)