Only... Five.... more.... to .... go!!!!

Posted by Tammy

Today is the LAST day of October (and Halloween!!) I have FIVE more cards to create tonight to hit my goal of 90 ATCs in one month!! (ATC = 2.5" by 3.5" artist trading cards) I made five new ones last night, and I think I will keep this set for myself. I like the style I used and I think I'm going to try to get them framed together as a set!

I counted last night and it looks like I made 50 of my 90 cards for specific swaps. The other 40 were random cards that I'll either keep or make into gifts for someone! (I'm sending some to my sister I know!)
Here are cards 81-85. I WILL have at least five more cards to share tomorrow!! Boy, I'm not sure what I'll do with myself come November! I've been toting my Sharpies with me everywhere this month!!

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