I made my GOAL!!! :)

Posted by Tammy

I made it to 90 ATCs created in the month of October. I finished last night with the remaining five!! :) I'm very happy that I made my goal - and pretty amazed at all the art I created!

43 out of the 90 weren't for a specific swap, so I get to keep those (or send them to someone else!) 57 ATCs have gone postal for specific swaps, so I can expect to get some cool art from other Sharpie Scouts in the mail soon!

My 86th card was for the homophone swap - I've been thinking about this particular card all week and finally got it worked out last night! It is called "Carrot Karat" and I LOVE this card! I don't usually love my cards, but this one hit exactly right! I wish glitter scanned better... but you get the idea!! :)

The other 4 cards I did last night were totally random, and fun! I am happy to be done with the push to create so many, but also happy that I did it! I hope some of my momentum can carry over to "everyday" art and I'll keep creating. Ruth, an online friend, has suggested that I use some of my designs from the ATCs I created and paint them. I think this is a great idea and one I'm going to explore.

Again, thanks for all the supportive comments. Now, I'm off to shake off the Sharpie fumes! :) (Cards 87-90 below!!)

3 Opinions:

melba said...

Great job! Hooray for you; making a goal and sticking to it!!!

Potato Print said...

Hey Tammy,
I'm back from my Gone Fishin' trip. I was so tempted to peek at your blog to see your progress, but I really wanted to experience life without blogs.

That was a massive challenge. You stuck to it -- something that I'm not good at.

The four on this page are beautiful! I like the way they play off of one another.

Tammy said...

Thanks guys!! It felt good to accomplish this one! (I haven't picked up a sharpie since finishing!)