Almost 2/3 done!!

Posted by Tammy

Well, I didn't get quite as far as I wanted this weekend, but I did create a lot of cards for my challenge!! I am up to 59 out of 90!! Yay!! I think I'm going to make my goal - I have until next Tuesday to complete 31 more ATC cards!!

This first set is for the "Don't Fear the Sharpie" Swap - using Sharpies you haven't tried before. They use the Sharpie paint pens and the Sharpie highlighters. I had a load of fun making all four of these. The metallic silver doesn't scan real well, so they are prettier in real life!

The next cards I did were total randomness (again!) and not for any specific swaps. I found myself just doodling and making patterns - that actually turned into pretty cool cards! The top two on this next set are after the style of Mondrian. I've done cards like this before and I really do like the result. Each one is unique. The top left card just about did my eyes in - very crazy details! The bottom two are my "signature" squiggle doodles. I like the left one though because I used angular lines instead of swirly.

This last set were the most fun to make! On the top two I combined my Sharpies with oil pastels - my favorite new combo! The smudginess of the pastels with the sharpness of the Sharpies (tee-hee) just works for me! Plus, using oil pastels - I get my hands dirty which I love doing in making art!

The middle two are more randomness... just playing with color and design. The bottom one was fun to make and I'm pleased with the end result. I just used turquoise and purple and switched the two and had them meet in the middle. It's a cool effect! (if you ask me anyway!)

2 Opinions:

Ruth said...

Commit, Commit, Commit some of this talent to Canvas!!!

Hugs, ruth

Tanaya said...

The black & white ones, with little snippits of color are FAB! 2/3 of the way done? Fantastic! Keep it up, you're almost there.