Totally Random -- 43-46

Posted by Tammy

Well, I'm just over halfway to my goal and it's a little more than half way through the month! I think I can, I think I can!!

Our house guest is leaving this morning, so I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend, being lazy in my jamas! My sister was going to visit tomorrow, but there is snow in the forecast so her visit has been postponed. We'll find another time soon!

I am going to the finals of the State Marching Band competition tomorrow night. My friend Nancy's (former landlord) son, Nam is in the Loveland High School band. They are quite good - won state two years ago. They are marching at Hughes Stadium here in Fort Collins, so I'm going to meet up with Nancy and go watch them in the finals. It brings back a LOT of memories - I was in band in high school - actually in the Color Guard for marching season. Our band was very good - we won state several years while I was involved!! (In my sophomore year, I was the captain of the color guard and we won best guard in the state in our division!!) It's fun to go and cheer them all on! I'm afraid we'll freeze though - especially if the snow does arrive! Yikes!

I created four very random cards last night in semi-darkness - I was working while Mike and Paul watched videos - so, these were done with very little light - and are a little strange! They aren't for a specific swap, just for my goal!! Cards 43-46!! I hope to get a lot closer to the 90 mark this weekend!

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BlueJude said...

This is such an incredible project you are doing. I bet it will be so cool when all 90 are done to set em all up and stand back and take it all in! Go Tammy Go!!