Unconscious Mutterings

Posted by Tammy

  1. Theft :: Violated

  2. Storage :: Basement (which I have for the first time ever!!)

  3. Pick :: and Grin (yes, I was raised around country musicians!)

  4. Los Angeles :: California ... hmmm, not very creative on this one!

  5. The one :: Mike

  6. Accent :: Fun - I'm from Colorado, a native, but I have a "Boston" sort of accent on many words (like order, water, drawer, and soda! {which everyone from Colorado calls Pop})

  7. Rivalry :: Sibling

  8. Process :: Think through

  9. Streets :: of Laredo

  10. Museum :: Metropolitan (of art) - where the Starry Night hangs!


1 Opinions:

BlueJude said...

Pick...AND GRIN!!! Sure has me ginning...I would have thought nose! heeee heee