Pegged as a Pickler?

Posted by Tammy

This is interesting. A comment at one of my online art groups got me to thinking - how am I pegged? In other words, how do people really see me? (By the way, my online AV friend, if you read this - Thank you for the comment - it really made me think!!!)

I posted a message about giving my homemade pickles as holiday gifts and this person responded - "I didn't peg you as a pickle person". Nothing about her statement was really out there or anything, but it made me wonder! I don't think I can easily be pegged as any one sort of person! And I think I like it that way!

I've put myself into boxes, definitions, labels before. And that isn't good for me. I find it limiting. I find myself being hyper-critical of everything about me if I don't wind up fitting the label that I have put on myself. The only label that works for me is eclectic. This leaves it wide open for me to be whatever I've decided at the moment!

So, yes, I am a pickle person. I love the old-fashioned process of putting up cucumbers to make yummy dill pickles.

I am an artist (love that label! hope I can live up to it!)

I am a sharpie-holic.

I am addicted to Dancing with the Stars, but this is the only TV program I watch. (because Alias was cancelled and American Idol hasn't started up again!)

I am a dedicated World of Warcraft player.

I am a blog-o-holic. Reading and creating posts on my own blog rev me up!

I am Mike's girlfriend, and a kitty-mom.

These are all labels, but I fit every odd one of them.

How do you all see me? Do you have a label that you use when you think of me? I'm wondering now if I label others as well? I read a lot of blogs, but I don't think I have labels for you all - I think I am just full of admiration for you wonderful, creative, talented, honest women! (and men, but mostly women!)

Ok... that's my rant for today... all started from a Pickle comment! :)

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Anonymous said...

Okay, LuvButt...I'll begin this for ya. Of course you know the first "title" I have for you is GuRu. You are brilliant, patient to a fault sometimes with me. A loyal friend, interesting yet funky cool and transparent at the same time...what you see is what you get kind of gal. You don't have to earn respect...you are worthy of respect. Conscientious and so caring for others. Oopsie...guess this turned into a love fest for Tammela...but I hella don't care...I KNOW you won't judge me or scold me for cooing over you..Tammy you are a dayum fantastic woman...and I am proud as hell of you for all you have accomplished and all you will accomplish. But hon, I'm sorry to say...I've been pickling since I was a wee lass...and this is one thing I might be able to compete with you on....Got Pickle Recipes??? oh yeah I do...all the way back to my Great Grannie Annie. And did I say you bleepin' ROCK ???
Love ya, Ruth

Anonymous said...

Dayum your blog...I'm not anonymous I am RUTH...and I don't know why I have to sign in and password to publish a frickin' comment everytime....
MyHeartMyArt, Ruth

BlueJude said...

Never really thought of labeling you...or anyone elses blogs I read, really. But if I had to give an overall impression of the very little I know about you. I would say that you seem like a nice, sincere, down to earth person, which is actually a very high compliment. Of course I could say more...but this is for comments and not commentary!
Gee, wonder how people see me?

Tammy said...

Thanks Anon... I mean Ruth!! Sorry my blog continues to give you trouble! (I have to log in too - it's not just you!)

Thank you for the "love fest"!! I needed that!! Maybe that's why this post got started, huh? We'll have to compare pickle recipes - my mom's is pretty darn good, but I tell ya, I love almost all pickles!! (and olives!)

I think BlueJude - this is possibly the first time I've been told I was down-to-earth! Usually my head is in the clouds somewhere, but I do pride myself on being sincere!! :)

melba said...

You have great taste in music!
When I first connected with you I didn't think you were that into blogging, but now I know we were just in different blogging circles so I hadn't come across you before.

I think there are many things people can't tell from a blog...it is a good thing. The process of discovery.

I love pickles and I think it is SUPER cool that you are making them for gifts!

Tammy said...

I like my music too! I had a hard time deciding what to switch to this time, but can't go wrong with ABBA!! :)

I am still fairly new to blogging. I'm not totally consistent about writing frequently. And, I'm not as open as I'd like to be about my life. I don't journal, but feel like I really should for my own mind!

I LOVE reading others blogs - and do - daily! I'm trying to figure out how to make my own blog more personal, and more of a discovery of my self... for myself! :)

Sacred Suzie said...

I am totally a pickle person too! I was sent to the hospital at age 4 for eating half a jar of pickles, they couldn't stop me. Oh yum!

I think discovering who you are is essential, we must exam ourselves and see what we are doing now and then. I am an eccentric too and don't fit into typical categories either.

May I ask a favour? Will you write me and tell me how you sterilize your jars? I'm very interested in making preserves but am scared of not sterilizing properly and making someone sick.

Shannon said...

I love your peg's!!! What a fascinating exercise in self reflection and look at all those yummy pickles!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I love the decided WoW player - that rocks! Me too! PvP ftw, I'm working on getting my blue pvp set atm.. one more rank to go...