The Blahs!

Posted by Tammy

Hmmm, I think I'm having a case of the blahs! I have nothing interesting to say. My mind is just fuzzy-muzzy, and I think I'm catching a fall cold.

Blah! Do you ever get into a place where you just feel sort of off? Not bad, just off?! That's me this week. Work has been busy, so my mind races during the day to keep up with it all. I go home at night and just want to crash! But, I'm also not sleeping well this week. What is up with that?!

My cat, Henry, has a cold. Did you know cats could get colds? I sure didn't. But, he's congested, sneezing, wheezing - which all put together makes him barf... frequently... at 2:30, 3:45, 4:15 a.m..... I swear, I know just a tiny bit what it's like to have a child now - I jump at the first hint of a kitty barf noise and try to get him to linoleum instead of carpet... not that it ever works...

And, to top it off, Mike had the day off today, for Veteran's Day. But, I had to work. Blah! Let me tell you how hard it was to leave the house this morning, when I just wanted to stay home and play!

Well, I guess I needed to rant for a few minutes. This isn't a very pleasant post, but I needed to vent my blahs! Hopefully, this will be a good weekend to relax, hopefully feel better, and maybe, just maybe create some new art. I'm in a slump after my Sharpie-fied October! Hope all of you have a great weekend too - and here's hoping for a Blah-Free next week!

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Ruth said...

Well darlin' it's about time some of my gloomie rubbed off on you!!! Just kidding...ya know I am.

And hey this is your blog and if you want to purge a little...you have a perfect right to do so. Hey free speech and all.

What you've you got is a big ol' whomping case of the "burn out"...O'Deedville is where you're at. This too shall pass..just like the barfing will. Thanks for the visual by the way.

Take the weekend off from making art...don't be such a taskmistress. Just chill...make a pot of soup...or eat some pickles and down a few brewskies...wait, on second thought...that could bring on more barfing!!!

Peace, r

Potato Print said...

Hi Sharpie,

Somehow I lost the link to your blog, but I'm back. I found it on Suzie's blog.

I get very blah sometimes, too. I bet you were so hyped by your Sharpie challenge that the world looks dull to you now.

I'm sorry kitty is sick. That's a worry, but they kind of know what to do. Mine has gone missing for two days. But I still have hope that he will return. I'm thinking he went walkabout on the huge estate.

Hey, I think you and I were the only people who had to work yesterday.

Tammy said...

Pickles and beer - Mike will think I've something to tell him! But, my favorite beer did just come out in bottles!! (2 degrees Below by New Belgium - their winter beer!!)

Henry kitty seems to be better, not wheezing. I wish we could recover so quickly! Caroline - I hope your kitty comes home soon - it was always hard for me when I had outdoor cats when they disappeared.

I had a very lazy day yesterday, so that helped the blahs a bit! MIke and I did no chores, but played all day! Very fun!

Sacred Suzie said...

We need to go into our caves here and there to recover our energies. Energy is cyclical like women and you're just having some down time. You'll be inspired and active again soon, not to worry.

BlueJude said...

If its any consolation I am feeling rather blah this morning myself. And give yourself a break, you did a LOT of Sharpie Art! This too will pass and you'll be your old self in no time!

melba said...

sending you + vibes for a blah-free week.

paintedhouse said...

Sometimes I get those "blah" feelings. I just sit with it and know that it's just a little bump in the road. Do you find that you get frustrated and feeling blah when you can't find the time or proper energy to engage in your creativity? I know that's what happens to me. I want to sit in my cozy studio area forever and a day just creating. But work calls. Motherhood calls. Fatigue sets in. Just take a few deep breaths and recharge and know that in a short time, you'll be back to yourself again.