Lots of stuff I WANT to share

Posted by Tammy

Oh! I have so much stuff that I want to post, but I can't because it's all holiday presents!!! BUMMER! I know that the people I've made things for read my blog (Andrea, Mom, Vicki, Sheri...) so I can't post anything here until after they open presents! So you all, like me, will have to wait!

Suffice it to say, I had fun yesterday putting presents together!! Andrea's (my best friend) is turning out particularly cool. I think she'll love it!! And Mom, Sheri, and Vicki (Vicki is my sister, Sheri is her daughter - my niece) are getting something similar, but unique to each of them! (and other family... if you're reading... sorry... Vicki and Sheri are the only ones I've ever done presents for! And Mom and Daddy of course!)

I've scanned everything in and I'll share pics after Christmas!

I do have one thing I can now share! Suzie was my cookie swap partner. I received my goodies a long time ago, and she finally got my package last week (I was a late mailer!) I didn't share any pictures here because I didn't want to ruin her surprise!

I made a cookie recipe book for her. Here are the cover, and inside front cover. I included a lot of yummy recipes and also a couple of rituals for the Kitchen and Yule. Suzie blogged about it at her space! :) Thanks for playing with me Suzie!! I had fun! And thanks Mary Ann for heading up the cookie swap!

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miss*R said...

I would love to join a cookie swap but the cookies would be stale when they got there :(

Tammy said...

Well, this one would have worked - you'll have to watch for next years! We didn't actually swap cookies because my partner was in Canada and we weren't sure about customs and such. It was the choice of partners whether to swap goodies or not. The swap was actually for recipes in some sort of decorated container or book! :)

I made my little book for Suzie and included a choco bar, and she made my book and included a small treat too!

Sacred Suzie said...

I think we did well considering customs got in the way of our cookie swap! Thanks again Tammy for the amazing gift and I'm loving that chocolate bar, oh my. What fantastic treats!

I also can't post what I'm working on which is driving me crazy, I think we should all post all our handmade gifts after December 25.

Shannon said...

Great post Tammy! I can so relate to not being able to share excitment on presents! I just got home from shopping and wanted to take and post pics, but I just can't because it wouldn't be fair.

Oops.. gotta go, cat is thinking all the goodies are for him. Enjoy the holidays!

Potato Print said...

Hi Tammy

Your enthusiasm is infectious! I hope you have made some Sharpie surprises for your loved ones. The book for Sacred Suzie is really sweet. You are such a good soul.

Sheri said...

HA HA HA HA thats right family she loves us the most...its ok i know i know it sucks to be you... lmfao...
Tammy...ray is taking your gifts to rhonda's to be mailed today...since i had my tooth pulled on monday i don't have the strength to get outa bed...woe is me...**dramaticly puts hand to head and sighs**but ya no really it hurts BADDDD...i cant wait till you see your big gift!!!**squeals** AND in the box is a christmas card from manda, eric, kenie, rhonda and allan... soooooooooo cute lol...ooo time for more pain meds!!! yippie lol nighty night...hiiiii mike and kitties!!!