New camera!

Posted by Tammy

Whoo hoo! I've got my new camera up and working (I think!) Several of you asked what kind I got.

I chose to get the Canon A540 for several reasons. I wanted a small camera that I could carry in my purse so I could take shots whenever and wherever! But, I wanted one that had some flexibility in upgrading. This one allows me to add lenses down the road if I need a wide angle, or telephoto lens. It is 6.0 mega pixels with 4x zoom.

I have practiced just a bit on my willing (sometimes) subjects... our cats! Here are a few of my first practice shots!



And - a shot out of our front window at the mounds of snow and our "plowed" road! We are supposedly in the line of another storm with another foot of snow possible. SO - I'm off to run a couple errands before it starts!!

5 Opinions:

Gene Black said...

Nice pics, but the cats both look rather condescending - as only cats can.

Wow..I knew you had a lot of snow b ut it has been YEARS since I saw that much in person - no, I don't miss it a bit!

~jolene said...

I am liking your new camera already Tammy!

I love the photos of your cat's...and being a southern California kid I am in awe and jealous of the snow!

We have been complaining about the sunshine all winter! LOL!

Happy New Year to you and Mike!

Deb R said...

Nice! The photos look good!

Good luck on your possible storm. I hope it doesn't hit you too hard.

BlueJude said...

Cool Beans! I got a new digi too....but no snow yet, much to my kids dismay! Looking forward to seeing more of those mischeivous kitties!

Sacred Suzie said...

Hey Tammy! I'm back from my trip and see that you have now been hit with the winter weather we had been getting, my condolences but it must really feel like winter there now. I'm so happy for you that you have a new camera! It's wonderful to see the world around you as well as your cat, so cute!