It's December!!

Posted by Tammy

Wow, can you believe it!? And I'm behind...

Chel took on the project of making a calendar for the Sharpie Scouts. 13 of us scouts are contributing one card - one ATC for each month and a cover and Chel will put them all together into a Sharpie-rific calendar! My month was December. Now, when I think of December, I think of Christmas.

But, I wanted to try to be inclusive of everyone, so I tried to stay a little generic and not totally Christmas-y. I used traditional Christmas colors, but used Holly which to me, is just wintery. And the songs I used... a little more holiday, a little less Christmas - Deck the Halls, Silver Bells (my favorite!) and A Few of My Favorite Things.

I like the simplicity of this card. I wasn't sure where I would go because it could have been totally over the top. But I kept it fairly simple. I didn't even add glitter since it will be a copy that everyone gets - not the original. (although - in the scan there are bits of glitter... from the scanner bed... wonder how that happened?!)

Chel - it's on the way! My next project - framing a few of my ATCs from the October SAC challenge for holiday gifts!

4 Opinions:

BlueJude said...

Cool idea!! Perhaps the cats got that glitter in the scanner, those little devils! lol

Sacred Suzie said...

Happy December to you Tammy, I love the Decmeber art! I'm glad that it is "generic" and not religious, I think that's perfect.

Tammy said...

I was raised in a Christian (Southern Baptist) home. I'd rather celebrate Yule than Christmas at this point in my life though!

(and I can't blame the cats for the scanner... it's all me - it is at work! I don't have one at home yet!)

Chel said...

Thanks Tammy! I gots it and I added it to the rest of the mix. I'm waiting on a few more. I think if it gets pushed back much further I might make the calendar extend into 2008. (that is if no one makes their cards specificly 2007. I figured if I can't get it all together and back to everyone by Jan 1st (which I don't think I will) It'll be smart to make the calendar start in the next month. Then people can use it clear through January of next year and I'll be able to do this again next year and have the month lead time. :)

On another note, I'll be posting your Mother Earth returns in the next day or two. I've been trying to sort them for a week and for some reason my little muddled head can't wrap around. I got it started today at least and hope to have them packaged by this evening. :) Many hugs!