Gorgeous Moonrise

Posted by Tammy

Last night, I wished for all the world that I had a digital camera! I have been thinking over the last couple weeks - that I'd love to be able to capture images like so many other wonderful bloggers do... and share them with you! (Deb, Suzie, Melba!)

As I was leaving work last night to drive to my bank, there was the most beautiful sky. It wasn't a spectacular sunset with the bright colors. It was a very muted wintery sky. The full moon was just rising and was bright white against a light blue darkening to purple and pinks. With the bare tree limbs in front - it really was an enchanting. I wish I could have a permanent snap of that moment! My drive to the bank was all the more pleasant because of the beautiful sky!

I didn't even notice the bad drivers around me as much as usual. (I know they were still there, I just wasn't as bugged as normal! And that's a good thing! I get quite bugged when driving usually!) Happy full moon! :)

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Sacred Suzie said...

Blessed full moon to you too Tammy! It was a glorious one, wasn't it? I forgot to take a picture of it here, there was a fantastic ring around it with the icy sky. I'm so glad that it brought peace to your heart. It brought up unusual dreams for me but that's OK, I love being under the influence of the moon, no matter what it brings.

Tammy said...

I had forgotten that it was the full moon. I think maybe I can attribute some of the cats' bad behavior to that!!

I do love when I am caught off guard by something beautiful like the moon rise! I have the moon phases tattooed on my foot - I never forget the influence of the moon even when I am not paying attention!

melba said...

yes i saw the full moon tonight so lovely. maggie is laying on me sleeping so it is difficult to type. i love your new picture of you!

Deb R said...

I hope you get a digital camera just because they're so fun, but your word picture of the moon was wonderful!

I tried to take a couple of moon photos last night and tonight, but haven't looked at them onscreen yet, so I'm not sure how well I did. Thank you for mentioning liking my photos! :::beam:::

I keep forgetting to mention (til I saw Melba do it) that I think your new profile photo is really cute!

BlueJude said...

Oh I was just thinking a NEW digi camera would be so nice for x-mas. But funds are short so....perhaps at a later date. I love taking night photos but my camera isn't so good. Ya gotta love the moon. It truly is magical!

Tammy said...

I thought a photo change was due! The old one was from about 5 years ago - it's one of my favorite photos of myself ever! This one is a little sassier - cropped from the old west photo of my friend Andrea and I! :)

I think if I get any Christmas money this year - it's gonna go towards a camera. I don't even need a really fancy camera I don't think - just one I can have with me for moon moments!!