In praise of fellow bloggers!

Posted by Tammy

Ok - Sap alert!

I have to just share this. The blogging community is just so full of wonderful women (men too I'm sure, but I don't read your blogs - sorry!) I am amazed every day by the depth of feeling, emotion, and thought that goes into so many blog posts all over the country, and world!

I want to be like all of you! (I'm not going to name specific bloggers here... I don't want to inadvertantly leave someone out... and the list is quite long! There are at least a dozen {probably more like 2 dozen!} blogs I read daily and each one has it's own impact! I hope you all know who you are!) I don't write in a journal, and I feel like I'm not very good at being open with myself, let alone writing out feelings here for you all to read. I long to do just that though. I'm learning from all of you that it is OK to do that - more than OK - good, cathartic, cleansing, freeing...

Your amazing posts inspire me, make me look at my own life in a different light, learn new things, laugh, cry, dream, create, and the list goes on! You remind me to see magic in every day life, to not stress over little stuff (i.e. the broken glass, Mike!) I am learning, slowly, but you all help me through the learning curve!

I appreciate not only the posts but the dialogue that happens in the comments - both here on my blog, and on yours! I read the comments from others. It helps SO much to see and hear other perspectives on life. I can see that this blogging community is one of strong, proud, learning, magical, very special, and creative women. I'm glad to be a tiny part of this group. Thank you for all of your honest and open posts! They're all helping me in my own journey!!

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Sacred Suzie said...

Tammy, you are such an inspiration too and it's so wonderful to meet someone who also believes in magic. I'm so glad we can keep on encouraging each other with our unique pursuits in life.

BlueJude said...

Awww, that was so sweet. And you are right, it is an inspiration and a learning process sharing this journey together. Cheers Tammy!

croberts said...

Tammy...I really like what you wrote. I don't have any trouble writing in a journal that only "I" have access to. My journals are hidden all over my house, so no one will read them.
Also, I don't have trouble sharing with others "one on one" that I feel comfortable with ...but I have lot of trouble sharing my inner thoughts feelings with "the world". So I'm hoping that my blog will help me be more open with my feelings and sharing with others. I am always inspired by what others write and share of their art.

Tanaya said...

Tam, YOU too are an amazing contributor to the blogging community. The spirit that you bring to your posts, as well as the camraderie you bring forth on other people's blogs is beautiful.

p.s. I am digging the Christmas music on your site. It is too, too quaint. I feel absolutely "at home" here.

miss*R said...

I agree about the amazing women that are met through this thing we call blogging - I feel blessed to have stumbled into it a few years ago.
we learn so much from each other, no matter what our ages or beliefs :)

Janet said...

I have found so much just simply by blogging. Friendships, acceptance, encouragement for my art, laughter, inspiration....and on and on. Bloggers are the best.