Kitty Troubles

Posted by Tammy

We are having cat troubles at home this week. I don't know what is in the air, but Oscar has decided to make it his mission in life to torment Ben. Up until this point, Oscar hasn't been the troublemaker (for the most part...) About a week ago though, he chased Ben down and pinned him. There was a fair bit of fur flying. We interceded and Oscar spent a night in solitary. That apparently didn't help. Monday night, Oscar took off after Ben again. This time though, the other cats got involved by way of being in the line of fire. Henry and Luna were eating when Ben and Oscar tussled. Henry took a flying leap (literally) from the kitchen to the downstairs (through the railing). Luna was sufficiently scared by the fight that she actually choked on a piece of food. I thought I was going to have to give her the kitty heimlich. She worked it out thankfully, but it was scary!

Do you have any advice for keeping peace between kitties? We can't figure out what has happened. Luna, for once, isn't the one causing trouble! Oscar is a grump always, but typically has left the other cats alone. He pinned Luna last night and chewed on her a bit. Having all these kitty troubles has convinced me that I'm right - I'm not suited for motherhood. (Oscar is the grey, lounging kitty. Look, he even has the remote! Luna is the big, black girl with him!)

I yell, which makes me cry, which then in turn makes me very angry at the cats. If I can't handle punishing cats, I definitely couldn't handle kids! At least I've learned that from our kitty issues! Maybe our cats need a therapist! (Is there a cat whisperer?) Or maybe, as Mike and I have theorized, they are all going to get locked in the basement for a week to work out their differences! Right now, I'd like to find new homes for each and every last one of them! (and I'm definitely not putting up a Christmas tree - they would likely knock it over and then I really would be mad!!)

On a happier note, I put up a new song for the holidays! (I hope I don't offend anyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas... not my intention!) I love White Christmas - it is one of my favorite songs, and movies! (The video in this case is actually from the movie Holiday Inn - another favorite!) Bing Crosby is fantastic. (second only to Gene Kelly!) :)

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BlueJude said...

Wish I knew what the answer was! Tho locking them in the basement might work. Hmmm...who knew kitties could make so much trouble.

Sheri said...

LMAO thats effin funny...i laughed so hard i cried lol...poor luna LOLLOLOL

Deb R said...

I wish I had advice, but I don't. The main reason we only have one cat instead of two or three of them is that the one we have is freakin' nuts, so I have no clue how one gets them to behave. Sigh.

I love your new profile pic!

croberts said...

I've only got one dog...and I can't make HER behave. She does her darndest...to make ME behave!
Carolyn R

Sacred Suzie said...

My sister Jamie has two cats that fight a lot and she says that to get involved directly causes a lot of problems so she just takes a big book at drops it on the ground making a loud thud. It distracts the cats enough that they usually forget what they were fighting about. In fact, they're usually relieved that it releases the tension and they walk away from each other. I hope that helps! Your poor, poor cats. Big hugs to them. And you! That must be so hard to watch.

Tammy said...

It is really hard for me to watch. I know they have a different hierarchical system than humans, but I hate them fighting. We've interceded up to this point, but I'm thinking we have to let them work out their differences.

I do think dropping the book at them is a good idea. Something besides yelling! I hate that - it really gets to me. And Oscar talks back! Grumpy boy!

Sacred Suzie said...

It works every time with Jamie's cats Tammy, I hope it does for yours too.