Little Known Trivia about ME

Posted by Tammy

Well, I haven't been blogging much lately. As I've mentioned, part of that is because of summer. It is too hot! That's my excuse anyway!

But, I thought this would be fun to share.

I lived for ten years (until February of this year...) on a small farm in the country. My "landlords" - more family than landlords, are part of 4-H. And they show pygmy goats (among other things...)

Now, until I lived here, I had no idea such a thing as a pygmy goat even existed. Now, I think they are one of the cutest animals around. I've watched them being born, even helped babies be born a time or two. There was the exciting evening that Ross and Nancy left their kids (real children - not goats) in my care, and a goat decided to have her babies that evening! We thought she was done with just one, but when we checked a few minutes later, she had 2 more! Triplets!

I've been to the County Fair every year to watch all the goat shows, etc. There is a costume contest - the novelty class, where the kid and goat dress up. The kids plan the costume themes. They parade around the ring and then a judge places them. It's fun and SO cute. Wish I had pictures to share!

Well, three years ago, they found themselves without a judge. Since I was always there, I got drafted. (and I was impartial - had no kids in the contest!) So I judged. It was hard to choose, they were all cute. And, I've done this every year since.

The contest was this last Sunday. My mom came with me - this is her favorite event of the summer. And I judged the costumes. A little girl dressed as "Licorice the Kid, and her goat Billy the Kid" won the Junior class. My favorite costume of the night was in the Senior class. The girl was dressed as a pest control person. Her goat wore the costume of a mosquito. It was totally cute.

So, I can add to my resume - Goat Costume Contest Judge. That should help me find my next job, right?! And another little known fact about me...

2 Opinions:

Ruth said...

ahhh Tammy...how adorable!!! How big to they get?

Yikes, and you helped with the birthing process too? Don't think I could have survived that event!

Is there any end to your many talents, umm I wonder?

Tammy said...

They don't get very big - probably compare to a dog - like a small golden retriever - though not as "leggy"... they are too cute!

I never thought I would do something like help deliver baby goats, but I did - and I survived (and so did the babies!) Pretty cool really! I miss them - couldn't bring them to my new house!