Sunday Scribblings #20

Posted by Tammy

Okay - I know it's not even close to Sunday, but I've been thinking about trying out participating in this group for a while. I thought - what better prompt to start with than this one?!

"Who Can I Still Be?"

Well, first off, the reason I decided to try my hand at these scribbling prompts - I want to write. And I never have been confident about my ability to write.

So, I can still be a writer.

I have all these ideas floating around in my brain. Why do I think I can't put them down on paper? I've managed to learn to let my creativity loose as related to art. Why can't I still learn to let loose with my words? I can still do that!!

I can still be an artist.

I'm gaining ground on this one. I've always known I was creative, but I never knew how to express that. I didn't think I could draw. But, I've proven myself wrong! I love the art that I do. And I've actually called myself an artist a time or two! So, I know that I can still be an artist. Maybe even as a career in some sense. I don't know what that might look like for me, but I'm open to the possibility!

I can still be in business for myself.

I have always thought I would own a business of some sort at some point (how's that for vague?!) I don't know what business I want, but I would love to be my own boss. The more I do web design, the more I think I could be in business for myself and contract to do different web pages. It is something I can still be!

I can still be me.

Now this is a strange one to end with, but I have molded myself way too many times to fit whatever role I was in (work, relationships, etc.) at the time. Now, I know for certain that I don't have to do this. I am in a job where I can be me. Mike likes the real me - and he has definitely seen the real me in full force (good and bad, et. al.)

I am free to be (and can still be) ME. The real me that has come into my drawings over and over - the frizzy-haired, crazy-dressed, semi-wild woman, that is the real me! That purple skirt whirling as I twist and turn and make art, and sing, dance, run along the beach barefoot. That is what I can still be! Without a doubt...


2 Opinions:

Ruth said...

You're dayum right you can write...I believe you can do anything you put your mind to Tammy!!!

I think most all of us who blog are closet writer wannabes, don't you? We're just too afraid to say it out loud.

What you just posted here Tammy is proof of how good you are at expressing yourself. Don't hide from it...just do it...you are more than a triple threat...you can do it all!!!

The real question here is can she sing and dance????

Tammy said...

Thank you Ruth!!! Sometimes it is hardest to believe that I can do something - where other people know I can!

I know I can write - it just takes the confidence to do it. And I have a platform to try it out - my blog! Even if only you read it! :)

And... I can sing. I don't very much anymore, except in the car. My dad was a country entertainer for many years and still sings! As far as dancing... I know how to waltz and polka - does that count? Oh, and of course I can country two-step!