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Krista over at The Silent K posted a wonderful timeline of her life recently. It was nice to get to know a bit more about this blogger who I've been reading for a while!

Then Melba at Be Alive Believe Be You (the True Balance header-upper!) posted one of her own and suggested that other bloggers do the same. It is really nice to "get to know" more about the people who's blogs you read!

I've been working on mine for a couple weeks. I think I've gotten in the important pieces! It's amazing to look back and see what changed my life and the direction things have gone for me! I don't regret anything in my life. I've made some really stupid decisions, however, I have learned from them and not made the same ones again (similar, maybe, but not the same!)

If I had to guess, I wouldn't have pegged myself where I am today. I love Mike, and know he is the right person for me - it was worth the wait to find him! I love our little cat family and am very ok with the decision not to have kids! (I love babies, but I like to send them back to mom when they poop or scream!)

I had no idea I could design websites, and still am not sure how I got that all figured out! I love it though! And really, who knew I was an artist!? Certainly not me a few years back! But, I'm so glad I discovered, and continue to discover my artist!

Here's my timeline (did I miss anything important? In the first picture, my siblings and myself. Back row left to right - Joe, Tom, John. Middle - Connie, Rhonda, Mary. Vicki wasn't here for this one. I'm in front of Connie)

all of us31974: Born in Greeley, Colorado. Youngest of 8 children, a "Brady Bunch" family. 4 are my mom's first marriage, 3 are from my dad's. And I am the only "theirs"

1993: Graduate from Windsor High School with honors. Start my job at the Hallmark store the next day.

1994: Move to Greeley to my first apartment with my best friend Andrea (still my best girlfriend, btw!)

1995: Move back home to parent's house, then in with my friend Travis for 6 months. Travis and I fight over some random thing, I move out, and a few months later Travis dies from cystic fibrosis. An unresolved grief in my life.

1995: September, I leave the Hallmark store and risk taking a temp job at the new Barnes and Noble in Fort Collins. I am hired permanently the first week on the job and am made a department supervisor and keyholder!

1996: March, move to my little house in the country where I live until February 2006.

1997: Go back to the Hallmark store as Assistant Manager.

1998: Go back to Barnes and Noble as the Cafe Manager (also manage Music Dept. during this year)

Somewhere in here, I start my undergrad program at night at Regis University!

1999: Take a job at the Colorado State University Bookstore - horrible, awful job! Hateful supervisor!!

2000: Decide to try Online dating at some point in here. Start out on a string of not-so-good, some terribly bad dates...

2000: March to November - move from the bookstore to the Clinical Sciences Department at CSU. Like my job, but decide to leave (again!) and take a job with my former Hallmark boss at a Cookie store - designing cookies for bouquets.

2000: November, meet disastrous boyfriend #1 - suicidal, alcoholic... you get the picture. We date for 3-4 months and I finally wise-up and realize this is BAD for me, and I move on, thankfully!

2001: February and May - my paternal grandparents die within 12 weeks of one another. Horrible Valentine's cookie season just the same time as Grandmother's death. Boyfriend #1 is suicidal during this time as well. Leave cookie store for another horrible job on CSU campus (hmm... sensing a theme here)

2001: September - start my job with the Argus Institute. This job leads me to where I am today - my boss there is now my boss here at WBTT!

2001: November - contract Mono, sick for TWO months, off work with no pay. Keep my job thanks to my wonderful boss!

More horrible dates in here... Alcoholic men, liars, cheats... nice string. I had pretty much decided I was better off alone!
2003: May - Graduate with my BS degree in Business Administration from Regis University!!! Whoo HOO!

2004: October: Decide to try Online dating one more time - eharmony.com this time. I meet Mike in late October, we meet in person in December 2004 - the rest is history!

Somewhere in 2004: start art therapy! Great move - I discovered my inner creative. She was there all along!

2005: Leave Argus for World by the Tail. Great move! Designing and re-designing websites - who knew I could do that?!

2006: Leave my little house in the country to move in with Mike! And we're living happily currently - hopefully ever after!

3 Opinions:

Potato Print said...

That was wonderful. It gave me a context in which to read you. I think you are so cool, I actually thought you came from Goddess Mountain or something.

It helps to know that other people make bad choices too. I'm so glad you found Mike and your cats.

What happened with the art therapy? It seems like a natural for you!

Happy birthday.

Tammy said...

Wow! Goddess Mountain?! Yikes - I could never live there although it sounds like a great place to be! :)

I have definitely made my share of bad choices - it's why I am who I am though. I know that for sure! Like I said, no regrets though - I wouldn't be ME without all the bad mixed with the good. It took me a LOT of therapy (art and regular too) hours to figure that out.

Art therapy was suggested by my regular therapist and it was a wonderful move for me. I never realized just how blocked I was creatively until I was challenged to draw. I was (and still am to some extent) a perfectionist (particularly about creative pursuits) and I wouldn't even attempt because the outcome wouldn't be good enough. I didn't think about enjoying the process.

My wonderful art therapist Andrea helped me get past some of my stuff and learn that the process is the most important part! I did individual therapy for quite a few months and then joined her art support groups for about 2 years. I haven't been to a group for about 6 months now. But, I'm still doing art on my own and that is the challenge. If I ever stop doing it on my own, I'll go back to a group where I have scheduled time to create.

I learned SOOOOO much about myself in therapy and art therapy. I look back at what all I did and learned and am amazed!

Whew - this was another whole post on its own! I'm so happy to be a part of this wonderful world of bloggers! I learn from all of you! :)

melba said...

Tammy I really enjoyed reading about your life. Thank you for sharing. I think you are so smart to know that children are not for you. I wish more women had the courage to make your decision. It doesn't mean you don't love children and with so many siblings my guess is that you are a great Auntie? I know of other couples who have had success with e-harmony. It is nice to know there is a service out there that is really helping people connect.