Self Portrait Challenge - Environment #3

Posted by Tammy

I am not very happy with this photo for this week, but it's the best of the bunch, so here it is. The theme for this month at Self Portrait Challenge is environment. I wanted to show you my car. I spend a lot of time driving. I like my car! What I didn't capture is the messiness that is my car. I have so much stuff in my car - books, magazines, sharpies, you name it! I'm a bit of a slob I guess!

My car is red. I wouldn't have chosen that color if I'd bought new, but it was a good deal, used car. I have had such amazing luck with it - I hope it continues now that it is paid off!! Here's me in my car:

5 Opinions:

Jeremy Stockwell said...

I'm glad you like your car, but it appears to have a small hole in the trim above the rear window on the driver's side. There may also be a similar problem with your garage. Probably worth looking into.


Tammy said...

:) The "sunshine" streaming in? Tee hee... I had to photoshop to even make this one postable! (in my mind anyway... don't like it!)

Janet said...

I have a red car, too....also not my first choice! i think you look cute sitting there in your car. I had to laugh when you mentioned you even have Sharpies in the car!! Hey, you never know when that creative bug will strike!

Vedrana M. said...

well, i like it, it's cool portrait :) and i'm glad you like your car! xxx

BlueJude said...

It's nice to know there are other car slobs in the world! lol You never know what oddities are gonna show up in mine.