Self Portrait Challenge - Environment #4

Posted by Tammy

Mike and I had a nice evening last night. We had dinner at Canino's - a local Italian restaurant. They have "retro" night on Tuesdays - cheap prices on yummy food.

Then we watched his co-workers play softball for a few minutes. The highlight of the evening (for me) was wandering around the CSU Trial Gardens. This amazing garden blooms like crazy for a couple of months each summer. It is amazing to even drive by, but stopping and wandering is very fun! I took loads of photos (of course!) and I'll share a few in this post. You can see many more at my flickr.

Mike took this one of me for this week's Self Portrait Challenge - Environment. I love this garden in my town! I love being surrounded by blooms! (I think I've gone flower crazy this month - seems to be all I post!) This is a fitting picture I think! :) Following are a few of my favorite captures from the night!

3 Opinions:

Janet said...

Love all the flowers and you look so comfy reclining there among them. I bet that garden smells wonderful!

Deb R said...

Wow, what a beautiful location for a portrait! Love all the flower photos too.

Sacred Suzie said...

Fantastic flower photos Tammy and I love to see you surrounded by such beauty and be so happy in your element.