Look Out - I'm going Ebay Crazy!

Posted by Tammy

Yep - I'm starting to plunge into Ebay waters. As Mike and I start to seriously prepare for a move (to where? we don't know, but we're working towards actually moving nearer the ocean!), I'm going to CLEAR out a bunch of stuff!! I started today.

My very first Ebay item was posted a few minutes ago - in miniature. No, really! It's a lot of Hallmark Merry Miniatures that I collected while working in a Hallmark store. I loved them then, but they've sat in a drawer since!

Be on the lookout for many more Ebay posts!! If you're into Hallmark stuff at all, definitely check it out. I'm going to dig out all the old ornaments, and stuff, maybe even the beanie babies! I've got a little bit of a lot of stuff, and I don't want to take it with me when we trek across the country. It feels good to have made even a "mini" start! :)

3 Opinions:

hollibobolli said...

I have been watching a few things on eBay - but I tell you.. when you keep losing your internet connection every 5 seconds - it's really hard to bid on anything!!

Good luck - I love it when I'm motivated to clear stuff out.. and it feels so good to make money by getting rid of "stuff!!"

Yay for you!!

lila said...

Those are very collectible and should do well on e-bay!
I'm here at Mom's going through stuff to make her world less cluttered. Getting rid of things is good!!!!
Keep us posted about your move!

Jenna Z said...

Hey, I am visiting you via Create a Connection! (I am hosting next month's swap so I am watching you to see how it is done, exactly.) You have inspired me to post an ebay auction. I've been putting it off but really, it's not that time-consuming and it's good to de-clutter! Thanks for the boot to the butt!