Tomorrow is the start

Posted by Tammy

of NaBloPoMo... I decided to sign up for this challenge! What am I going to blog about each day? I have NO idea!

I don't claim to be a writer. And I'm really not sure my life is all that interesting. I am sure I will wind up doing some memes for my daily posts, but I want to write "real" posts also.

For those of you reading - is there stuff about me that you want to know? I'm pretty open about myself. But, I don't always think to write about me! Tell me if you want to know something. Help me with ideas for blog posts! :)

I'll be here - every day in November!! Make a request!

Happy Hallowe'en! I'll be handing out candy to the kids in our neighborhood tonight!

2 Opinions:

Shannon said...

Hey Tammy!

I'm happy to hear you are doing the Nanoblomo challenge too! Here is to a posty November.


lila said...

Post about the books or even magazine articles you enjoy reading.
Post about any decorating you do..