Beginning and End

Posted by Tammy

Beginning of my day:

Looking out our bedroom window - Mike took this shot of the sunrise. Look at the blue line on the horizon - clouds vs. clear sky.

End of my day (well, almost):


Coming home to my guy cooking dinner for us! He is making Chicken Curry - yummy! (He took the week off so he vacuumed yesterday, cleaned the kitchen today, and is cooking dinner as we speak! I could get used to this!)

3 Opinions:

Misty said...

awesome! sounds like a great day! (and looks like it!)

Autumn said...

great photos..I only have one word about that snow..BRRRRRR!!!

Janet said...

A guy who cooks is always #1 in my book! And such a beautiful start to your day....the colors in the picture are so soft and delicate.