Happy 2008!

Posted by Tammy

I hope you all had a safe and fun New Year's Eve. Ours was uneventful because we are still trying to get rid of the cough leftover from our illnesses! Blech. We stayed in and I made some yummy treats for us. We watched some Lost and went to bed pretty early. (Definitely didn't make it to midnight!)

I've decided - I am going to take a photo every day this year. I will try to post it every day on my blog as well. I may not get to posting every single day, but I will try to have posted 365 photos from my every day life by the end of the year. (I'm sure there will be days when I have multiple photos to post as well, so probably more than this!)

Here is photo #1 - taken this morning.


This is Mike reflected in our laundry room mirror. He is playing with my "wall-walking" robot that he put in my stocking. It suction cups to the surface and walks up the wall. It's fun! :)

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