Hopeful New Habits!

Posted by Tammy

I am enamored with reusable shopping bags. Particularly my new ones from Whole Foods! I have 2 of these now, this one purchased last night so I could carry my groceries home in it! I want to keep them in my car so I can use them instead of plastic!


This morning... I got a cleaning bug at work. My desk is now the tidiest it has been in a LONG time! It is a nice feeling to be organized. I hope I can make this last a bit! I'm the queen of "piles". I bought a couple of organizing desk pieces to help me out!


3 Opinions:

Misty said...

i love reusable shopping bags! I have them from all of our local markets as well as target!!

~jolene said...

OK, I have a question about reusable shopping bags. I WANT to do this....but...can I take my Whole Foods bags into say, Trader Joe's or Mother's Market...or should I have bags for each store? :) Maybe I should just make up a bunch of my own designer shopping bags :)

Janet said...

Reusable bages are great! I carry them in my car all the time....some from different stores and a couple I've made. I hate having those yukky plastic bags pile up and I don't like throwing them away because they just never disintegrate!

Your work space looks so neat and tidy! Want to come do my studio next??