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It is snowing like crazy here in Colorado! It was 65 yesterday and it's 25 today. I love that about our state. You never know what weather you will get.

I found this program to build a "word cloud" of the words used in your blog.

The title - word cloud - reminded me of the weather today. It's grey and cloudy with big, fat, movie snow falling. I love grey days! My word cloud, and the real snow clouds are inspiring to me! I like seeing all of MY words put together in this collage of sorts. Create shows up in many forms - creativity, creation... inspiration also shows up. I guess I need to pay attention to this - it's important to me to create and be creative, but I need to find my inspirations!

Today - I'm inspired by clouds! I'm going to work on my ATC's for the Sharpie group tonight. They will be for my very first swap of ATC's! It's a little scary to put your work out there for other artists to receive. I look forward to seeing everyone else's that I get back though, so I think the other artist's must feel the same way about mine!

I have my art room set up enough that I can do a little work there. I'm going to see about buying some more organizers - such as plastic storage drawers, that sort of thing. I also need another bookshelf! Mine is overflowing!

Snow rolling in this morning - Boulder, CO (40 miles from me)
Photo from 9news.com

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