In a mood!!!

Posted by Tammy

Boy, am I in a mood today. I'm not sure what's wrong with me. I started out the day pretty perky and happy. But, that has certainly changed. I'm very grouchy and on the verge of tears now (and I'm only 2 hours into my day!)

What set me off was a conversation with the less than helpful phone company. Having moved 2 weeks ago, I disconnected my service - and my phone number of 10 years. I wanted a message with my new number so people could still find me. Well - they didn't get that number up there - only a "disconnect" message... new number not included.

Why is this so hard to accomplish?? Seems like an easy task to me - but now it's 2 weeks later and anyone who was trying to reach me will have given up by now. I'm SO irritated with the phone company that I'm trying to find options to switch my service. I hate bad customer service. Nothing gets me fired up more.

However - why would I let some incompetent person get me SO upset that it is ruining my mood and the rest of my day? I don't know. I wish I did so I could do something during these times when I do get all angry and unsettled about bad customer service. Maybe I need more sleep! Or more caffeine... or more chocolate... yeah, that's it ... more chocolate will help everything! :)

Ok -- now to try and pull myself out of this mood I've drifted (or plunked) into!

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