In a ... Blogging mood!!

Posted by Tammy

I am learning!! Boy, let me tell you! I'm finding the world of blogging so fascinating. Thanks to the help of some kind bloggers out there - I am learning how to make this blog my own! (Thanks GS - and RAW for letting me figure this out in order to help you too!!) It's feeling like an art creation on its own! I can create an entire website in Dreamweaver, but the codes and such are so different for blogs! It's fun to dig around and see what I can figure out.

I posted the photos in my title tag today! They are four of my 10 ATC's that I created for my Sharpie Group - for my first ever ATC Swap! I had so much fun creating these little, mini pieces of art. All of them are posted below! I am feeling on a roll creatively. I want to create more and more --- and that's a really good thing!! It puts me in a good place, to be creative!

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Ruth said...

Tammy...Lookin' good babe!!!! You appear to be in a full-on brain rain.

You make it look so easy peasy..but I KNOW it's so NOT.

Keep playing around...you'll be a blog savant in no time....

Tammy said...

Thanks Ruth! I'm having fun - now that I am on a mission to figure this all out, I can't stop!! I guess I'm as single minded... as ... hmmm, can't think of anything! :) Back to blogging codes!


MARYBETH said...

Hi Tammy,
WOW, you can be our blog tutor! I would love to know how to add my own pictures to my blog heading.
LEt me know when you are "for hire"

I love the sharpie ATC idea!

I hope the phone situation is all straighted out.

Tammy said...

Thank you MB!! I've had fun playing around with the blog and trying to figure it all out! I'd love to help you if you want me to - anytime! Just drop me an email at tdmimms@yahoo.com. I actually love your header though - how did you do it? Is it something you created??