Ok... just ONE more post before vacation!

Posted by Tammy

Wow! Mike just sent me pictures of some of the stuff we're going to see in Texas! These are of Hamilton Pools - one of his favorite spots on earth! It really seems pretty amazing! I can't wait to see it! The photo to the right is a more normal perspective. The one to the left is after a lot of rainfall! Mike said he's never seen it so full. Either way, it's gorgeous! The other great site he sent me a link to is the botanic gardens in Fort Worth! We are going to spend a good portion of one of our days there and in the Japanese Gardens. I'm very excited about this, especially since we'll be there at the perfect time of year! http://www.fwbg.com/gardens.htm I think I could probably wander in this beauty for days and not get tired of it!

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MARYBETH said...

Hi Tammy =)
I look forward to seeing your pictures of this journey "Deep In the Heart of Texas" Sorry, but i keep hearing that song in my head.
Be sure to come over and give me your thoughts on my fathers painting!