One more post before Vacation!

Posted by Tammy

I am going on vacation! We leave early on Saturday morning for Texas. Mike is from Texas, so we're going to visit his mother (I haven't met her yet) and friends. We'll go to Fort Worth first, then head to Austin where he went to school. We'll also make a swing through Anson to visit his grandparents' graves.

I'm looking forward to the visit. He has lots of places and restaurants he wants to show me. He grew up mostly in Fort Worth, so it will be fun to see! I've only been to Texas once - Dallas for a buying trip for Hallmark. I didn't see much outside of the market. We're driving - about a 14-15 hour drive to Fort Worth from Colorado!

I didn't make any new art this week, but I decided to post a scan of the very first thing I did with Sharpies. I was just trying out all the colors and had fun with it! It is on a full size sheet of Bristol 100# - 9x12.

I'll have lots to report when we get back from Texas!!!

3 Opinions:

MARYBETH said...

Tammy what a energetic fun color and shape play!
Have a safe and fun time on your travels "deep in the heart of texas" =)
I hope you share pics of your adventure!

Tammy said...

Thanks MB! I know we'll have a fun trip! I have my camera ready to go. I think we'll see some beautiful sites - loads of flowers I'm told!


~jolene said...

Tammy, I might be a little late in sending a comment...but all the same..I wish you both safe travels. I hope you will keep a visual journal to share with all your new "art buddies"!

Just think of all the creative inspiration this trip will conjure up!