Art from the weekend

Posted by Tammy

I had a pretty quiet weekend, but I didn't create much art. Mike and I ran errands on Saturday and spent a fun Saturday evening with our friends, Rod and Rebecca!

I did manage to do two more interpretations of masterpieces! I wanted to do more - had lots of ideas - but ran out of time, steam, etc.

The first one I did was another Klee abstract. I like his works, and they are fun to play with. I kept the colors as close to his as I could. It was a fun one. I kept it a lot closer in proportion than I did with the first one of his I did. This one is called Personnage Dans Un Jardin from 1938. Mine is on the right, original is on the left!

The next one I chose to attempt is one that everyone will recognize!

Van Gogh's Sunflowers. I decided to change up the colors on this one and give it my own spin. I had SO much fun doing this one! Actually, Sunflowers is one of my least favorite of Van Gogh's works. However, it was fun to play with. I remembered seeing the movie Mona Lisa Smiles and loving the bit where Julia Roberts' character was showing the students the Sunflowers Paint by number. The students end up doing their own versions of Sunflowers to give her! Each one was unique and totally included the personality of the girl who did it. This is why I chose to change this one to make it my own version! I am not sure why I chose pinks as my color scheme (pink is one of my least favorite colors) but it works! I really like how this turned out in the end!

I have to say - this Masterpiece swap has been SO inspiring to me! I keep thinking of other artists, other paintings that I want to play with! Too bad the deadline is fast approaching - I have to get mine in the mail soon! I may be able to work up one or two more in time for the swap!

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Ruth said...

You are blowing my mind with all your new art...who'd a thunk it...pink sunflowers!!! Too bad you couldn't submit two May Flowers-Funked on AV...cuz these are fantastic too.

Don't forget to Ventilate....Ruth

Kim said...

I'm loving your take on Van Gogh, Tammy!

(from Artella)

Tammy said...

Thanks Kim And Ruth! I've been amazed by how much fun this has been. I was intimidated at first, but once I got going, it's been a blast!!!


Turtle Jones said...

Hi Tammy! Welcome back!

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. *blushes* and thank you for linking to me, too!

I *love* your new ATCs... especially the Masterpiece series. Maybe I should get off my bum and start on mine :(

Sharpie Scouts Rock! :)