Photoshop Silhouette

Posted by Tammy

Whew! This one was REALLY a challenge for me! I'm not totally satisfied with the outcome, but I like it ok!

I took a photo of my friend's daughter - all dolled up in her swimming gear and followed the tutorial on
Easy Two Tone Silhouettes by Tommy Maloney. I erased the background first which made things MUCH simpler!!

The original photo is below. You can see how cute she is!! :)

Thanks again to TXartcgal for her challenges! Visit her Weekly Photoshop Challenge Blog and try one out for yourself!!

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3 Opinions:

~jolene said...

You are just AMAZING in so many ways. I just luv ya!
I have enjoyed your art challenges so much -- and this silhouette just rocks my world.
You are a true inspiration.

corona del mar, california

Tammy said...

Thank you SO much Jolene! I appreciate your compliments. This one really challenged me, so I'm glad you like it!!


TXArtcGal said...

Awesome job!...and, your little model is adorable!...and, I'm sure she loves the fun image you created!!

I'm glad you did my challenge! I am about to post a new one...so, hopefully you will participate once again!

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