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Posted by Tammy

One of my very favorite things I have created is a collage from April, 2004. I started Art Therapy earlier that year (wow - it's been a LONG time!) When I started, I couldn't even pick up a pencil to draw something without bursting into tears. The first session with Andrea, my art therapist went something like this:

Andrea - "Draw a house, a tree, and some flowers."

Me - Sob! "I can't - I don't know how!"

I didn't have enough confidence in myself to even try. So, we started with scribble drawings. No rhyme or reason, just scribbles. Andrea drew with me. I loosened up a bit and even learned to have fun with it during that first session. Over the next couple of weeks, I created LOTS of scribble drawings. After my second session, I discovered collage. I went absolutely crazy (or maybe a little manic!) and created LOTS of collages!

This one remains one of my favorites. There are so many elements in it that I needed to see in my art at that point. The background was created using oil pastels and smudging colors around the edge (one of my favorite techniques!) I randomly chose the words and pictures from magazines. The quote at the bottom is still one of my favorites - "Never let reality get in the way of imagination". I've let reality get the better of me way too many times - and I'm trying not to do that anymore. I used a lot of really strong words like Absolutely, confidence, and AHA to remind myself that I can create and be creative! The stop sign with the word GO on it and Fear underneath was a cue to me that I was letting go of my fear of being creative, and "dipping my toe in". (now I've taken a complete plunge, but then, just a toe was SCARY!)

The photo in the bottom right corner is Sydney Bristow - my all time favorite TV character from Alias. She is a strong, tough, confident woman who I strive to be like (although I'm not a super-spy! Nor do I kick box criminals or swing from chains, or whatever stunt she's pulling lately!) She has survived many adversities with grace and confidence. I put her photo there to remind myself that I can survive, no matter what the situation!

All in all, this collage has a lot of personal meaning to me. But besides the meaning, I really like it! The bright, bold colors and the layout are pleasing to me! I don't have it hanging yet, but I have had and will have it up again!

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Turtle Jones said...

Tammy, I'm happy to hear you've taken the PLUNGE! Your collage is great...I've always loved the quote "Well behaved women rarely make history"! It's one of my favorites!

Keep creating! :)

Tammy said...

Thanks! I'm awfully glad I took the plunge also! I am definitely going to keep creating - no worries there!! I'm addicted!


nici said...

Oh this is so cool! It reminds me of Soul Collage! Have you heard of it? www.soulcollage.com

Tammy said...

I have the book Soul Collage. I made this collage way before I'd heard of it. I love the concept, but I haven't done anything specifically following the book! It is so cool though!!!