New Masterpieces!

Posted by Tammy

Ok - so I think I finally have finished with my masterpieces for this Swap. They have to go in the mail!! I did two more last night.

Both are Picasso. (He's a favorite - can you tell?!) Some of my very favorites of his are his line drawings. I love the simplicity. I chose to do my version of his Hands with Bouquet, 1958. Mine is done on vellum, so you can see both sides of the drawing. Mine is on the right, original on the left!

The next one I did was The Acrobat, 1930. I like this one because of the simplicity of colors. It is a typical Picasso abstract. I didn't do the whole thing - just cut out a piece, so to speak. Since the card is so small, it was easier to scale down that way! I like the way mine turned out actually! It is done on vellum and the white part is done with Sharpie paint! Fumes - let me tell you!! Good thing it was a small space to fill! It was a fun one to work on! Mine on the right, original on the left! (cropped)

3 Opinions:

Turtle Jones said...

Nice cards, Tammy :)

Lynnette April Over The Moon said...

Hi Tammy, I to have a love affair with Picasso's art. I viewed a few pieces in a Las Vegas gallery. I studied him for years. Studied like there was a test.

He was prolific, did thousands of art doodles and paintings. His 3 living children control all of his art. I have candy wrappers from France of a few of his paintings. Your a great copy artist. i wanted to paint cover for my dining chairs of his art, maybe one day.

I to love atcs. I want to ebay them one day. last year i did 750 of them, not counting swaps and raks. I'm obcessed. Take a look at my picturetrail, you'll enjoy it, hugs Lynnette April.

Anonymous said...

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