One More Photoshop Silhouette!

Posted by Tammy

Ok - So I played some more with the silhouette challenge. I'm not totally satisfied with this one either, but I think it's pretty fun... And it's my friend Andrea, the mom of the previous model (for my earlier post ... iSwim silhouette)

We were dressed up for an 80's party in the picture I took this from. She is all decked out with big hair and jewelry! The photo I took the silhouette from is below. The way the silhouette came out - she looks more like a sports referree because of the stripes!

These challenges have been a fun thing for me. I'm learning valuable things that I can translate and use for my job - which is totally cool!!

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TXArtcGal said...

You did great on this as well!...and, she doesn't look too much like a referee..in fact, in the 80s I think I had a jacket like that, stripes and all! I'm glad you are learning some neat things you can use!

Ruth said...

Tammmmmmy..This is my favorite PS experiement...well wait I loved your tweaked sunflower image too.

It's so inspiring to watch as you take on new challenges...I foresee many "Guru" degrees in your future my dear.

You have taught me so much just by reading your blog everyday...and of course with my blog. But oh my I have much to learn still. I need to let go of my fear of photoshop...I'm still intimidated when it rears it's beautiful eye on my screen.

Thank you for sharing your art and expertise.


Tammy said...

It is so hard to jump in and try things in Photoshop. It's taken me a LONG time to be willing to just play... AND make a lot of mistakes. One tip - ALWAYS use a copy of your photo, so you will still have the original. Making mistakes on the original is a bad thing! I've done that before and then I had no way to start over!

Thank you for all your compliments and support!!

krista said...

Very fun!