Abstract ATC Swap (sharpies!)

Posted by Tammy

So I had to send off some more ATC cards for another Sharpie swap. I haven't had the time to create any new ones, so this gave me the perfect opportunity to swap some that I had made for no real purpose!

I included a couple of my very favorites that I have been sort of hanging onto for sentimental reasons! But - I decided I would go ahead and send them!

Some of these I've posted before, but here goes anyway! The first one is one of the very first ATC's I made using Sharpies. It is a rather strange combo of colors, but I like the design of it!

The next one I'm including is a favorite! I did this one using vellum paper and used the gold paint Sharpie to accent! I think it's very pretty and I called it Garden Swirls! I think I was having spring fever when I created it!

I just used this next one in the Weekly Photoshop Challenge last week! It is a departure for me because I usually use swirls and rounded shapes, so this Geometra is one of my favorites!! It was SO fun to create and I love the way it worked on the vellum paper. I think this is my favorite medium using Sharpies, but I have difficulty figuring out how to sign these as you can see through! I sign VERY small and hidden so it doesn't ruin the overall effect!
Star Swirls
This next one, I actually made the background as well as the Sharpie-izing! I used a Try It Tuesday technique to paint the background and then proceeded to swirl all over it! I called this one Star Swirls. It was one of the most fun to make since I created it from beginning to end!
Designer Mess
This last one I've debated on whether to include or not... But I decided to send it because I really like it! It is actually a "mistake". I used this ATC card to rub and mix colors on some other cards. What resulted is this interesting "mess". I called this one Designer Mess. It has some gold lines in there from smudging the edges of the Garden Swirl card... It also has some silver smudges thrown in! It's a messy card, but I think interesting and fun! Hopefully, the recipient will think this as well! Categories: atcs_, art_

2 Opinions:

Vicki said...

Yo, Sis, The Messy one is my favorite. Go figure! I would have loved being the one who got this one!

Tammy said...

That figures!! Hopefully whoever does get it feels the same way you do!!