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Posted by Tammy

This is my first attempt at making paper. The process was fun, but the outcome was not so successful!

Try It Tuesday for this week was to make Handmade plantable seed paper! It is a truly easy process which I followed to the T. But, for whatever reason, my paper did not come out so well!

I started with using just a thin white art paper to use as the base. Ripped, put in blender, added some blue tissue paper for color. Blended down to a pulp, as instructed. Then I added marigold, columbine, and old-fashioned flower garden seeds, plus a few rose petals from my garden.

The mix is looking nice at this point. After straining all the water out, I pressed it onto a piece of felt and attempted to make it thin. This is where I realized I wasn't going to do so well. It was lumpy and thick and not very movable. But I gamely kept trying! So I finally arranged it into what looked a little less like lumpy gravy and a little more like paper.

I put it in the oven to dry... 20 minutes later I pull it out (yes, the instructions said ten, but it wasn't dry at all after 10...) It looks like the flower petals leached their color into the pulp somehow turning it strange colors of green... and the paper is falling apart, not useable at all! Bummer!

But it was fun to try and I may attempt it again. I bought a cheapo blender specifically for this experiment, so I may give it another whirl (so to speak!) Categories: Try It Tuesdays_

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MARYBETH said...

Hi Tammy,
I have been so busy no time for the try it Tuesday challenges. Good for you giving it a whirl and it is so much fun! Paper making is a real trial and error process . Be sure to try it again!

Tammy said...

Thanks MB!! I've had a LOT of fun with Try it Tuesdays. It has pushed me to try new things and I've had some successes! The paper - not so successful, but I will try again!

I was runner up for the prize this week, so maybe I'll win the prize one week soon - even more incentive to give it a try! :)


krista said...

oh man, I tried to make paper once. I posted about it too. It was the dumbest thing ever. I must have did it wrong. It took forever, and basically I was using a zillion sheets of paper to make smaller ones.

Yours at least looks pretty, Mine just looked weird.

Tammy said...

Thanks for saying mine looks pretty Krista! In reality, it looks pretty weird!

That was exactly what I was doing... using a ton of paper to make one sheet of not so useable paper!

Oh, well, I have some tips and I think I will try again at some point!

Anonymous said...

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