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Ok - I know, these are silly, but I love this kind of meme! I read this out there at someone else's blog and decided to do it on mine! If you want to, play along! If you do, leave me a note so I can come read it! Here's the A to Z info about me!

Accent: I’m from Colorado, I shouldn’t have an accent, but for some reason, I’ve the accent of a Bostonian or something… I can’t say the word Drawer – it comes out “draaaaw” and Water and Order sound suspiciously alike…

Booze: Not much… I like the new Peels drinks – cut them in half with a bit of fizzy Canada Dry soda!

Chore I Hate: Cleaning the cat boxes and this is a problem as we have FIVE cats! Mike does this chore much more often than me…

ben miss girl P1010028_edit henry_jump

Dogs/Cats: FIVE cats – all very individual. Ben (top left) – Tuxedo fuzz, very sweet and vocal. Loves the sinks – to sleep in. Miss Girl (top right)– too cute and very wobbly (due to some abuse in her past, poor girl). Luna (bottom left - small black kitten who now weighs 17 lbs.!) – Giant black, sleek and very silly. Loves the sinks – to play in. Oscar (bottom left - gray fuzz) – Big fuzzy, gray boy. Grumpiest cat you’ll ever meet. Henry (bottom right) – Siamese/Tabby and sweetest boy ever. Not particularly smart though…

Essential electronics: Not much other than Mike’s computer! We both play too much World of Warcraft. I’m addicted to movies, so I guess the DVD player is essential too! Don’t watch much TV though now that Alias is over and American Idol wrapped up for this season.

Favorite perfume/cologne: Velocity – Mary Kay. I’ve been wearing this for quite a few years and haven’t wanted to change yet!

Gold/Silver: I have a little of each. My one “good” ring is gold and emerald. Other rings are silver. The jewelry Mike has given me (so far…) is silver – with stones like Larimar, Moonstone and one other which is escaping me at the moment.

Hometown: Grew up in Windsor, Colorado. It’s much bigger now than when I was a kid!
Insomnia: Often – although less now that Mike is in the picture. I used to only sleep for 4-5 hours a night, now I’m doing much better than that!

Job Title: Business Manager/Webcrafter at World by the Tail, Inc.

Kids: No, thank goodness! And there won’t be any that don’t have fur! I like kids (ok, well, not really) but I certainly don’t want my own!!

Living Arrangements: Live with Mike and our kitties in a great house! We’re renting for now and love our place!!

Most Admired Trait: I guess I admire honesty the most – although that is probably cliché – it’s true!

Number of Sexual Partners: Not something I want to go into on my blog for the world to see!

Overnight Hospital Stays: Several – I was in the hospital for 13 days when I was a kid when my appendix ruptured. I think I almost died! It’s been a LONG time since any hospital stay though!

Phobias: Too many. Typical – snakes, spiders, creepy crawleys… I’m very afraid of thunder (I know, I know… lightning is what does the damage…) And I am very claustrophobic.

Quote: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life.” Picasso

Religion: No, thank you!

Siblings: Seven… yes, 7! I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. All of them are half-siblings. 3 of my sisters are from my dad’s first marriage. My 3 brothers and the other sister are from my mom’s first marriage. I am the only “theirs” kid and I’m 15 years younger than the next youngest!

Time I usually wake up: Thanks to Mike – it’s WAY earlier than it used to be… usually around 5:30 or 6. I used to hate mornings, but I’m actually pretty happy in the a.m. now…

Unusual talent: Ummmm… I don’t really know if I have any unusual talents. I can crack my back on command, but that probably isn’t healthy!

Vegetable: Peas – my favorites, but I like most veggies. Love okra, but only fried.

Worst habit: Hmmm…. I don’t know. Mike could probably give you any number of answers for this one!

X-rays: Not recently. I had an ultrasound for some issues recently, but probably the last x-rays I had were for dental stuff.

Yummy foods I make: Tons of stuff – I’m a good cook, if I do say so myself. My chicken enchiladas always get rave reviews. I make yummy corn/black bean salsa, and Mike likes my chili and soups.

Zodiac Sign: I’m a Libra – pretty much everywhere in my chart! I fit everything about Libras too! I see both sides of everything and have a hard time picking my position because I like to balance things out!
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maria said...

These are so much fun to read! Thanks for leaving the link so I could come and learn more about you and meet your adorable kitties.