I heart my job!

Posted by Tammy

I haven't written much about my job, but I realized today that I really do love it!

I work for a small company called World by the Tail, Inc. We sell a product called ClayPaws kits. They are for making paw print impressions of your animals, most often when they die or you have to euthanize them. It sounds like it could be a really sad place to work, but it's truly not! It is very fulfilling to know that we are selling a product that makes such a sad, hard time for people just a little bit easier.

The reason I'm writing about this is that I had a call this afternoon from a lady who's dog was euthanized yesterday. She received a ClayPaws print from her vet when she went back today to pick up his body. She was so surprised and touched by this that she wanted to call us and thank us for what we do. We were on the phone for 30 minutes while she told me about her dog (named Kenny). She was so sad, but SO happy to have this memory, a paw print of Kenny's.

I love that I work in a company that does so much good in the world.

I am the webcrafter for World by the Tail. I am in the midst of redesigning our site, and I love my work! I see it as a creation process, just like my art work, so the finished product is part of my "art portfolio" in a way. The existing site I am proud of, but I'm also really looking forward to this new version! I'd love any comments any of you have for our site too! (it will be changing over to the new look sometime later this summer or early fall...)

I also get to write a blog for work about tips for making, decorating, etc. your prints. It's fairly new, but it is also yet another way that I get to use my creativity in my work and to make a small difference in the world! My work blog is called ClayPaws Tips - take a look! I'd love comments if anyone does visit! I'm just getting going with it! Categories: misc_, me_

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krista said...

Oh what a blessing it is to be able to use your creativity in our job. I think I would shrivel up and melt if I wasn't able to use some creativity in my career. One day i hope to move to a more creative type of job, but for now, I embrace the opportunities i get in my current job.

Tammy said...

I am lucky!! I worked before in a job that wasn't creative and it just about ate me up! I'm fortunate to have found such a great company to work for!! I can only hope I'll always be so lucky!

maria said...

Wow -- this is so cool! I wish I'd known about this before, and definitely need to keep this in mind.

My sister works in a vet clinic and does rescue work, so she may know about this, but I must tell her just in case she doesn't. What a great product, and I love how creative people get with these.

Speaking of sis, she's about to launch her blog soon ... I created her banner last week with pics of some of the dogs she's rescued/fostered/adopted over the years: http://www.thegiftoffaith.typepad.com/

Ruth said...

My two cents...hope I'm not out of line, but.. here's my take on the prints...why is this just for deceased pets? Why not living as well...just like most of us have now of our children? I know I would do it in a NY minute if it were available for Gracie Rose.

Okay...so anyway...I love the header with the resues on it...awesome....melted my heart immediately. And your "tips" site is wonderful. This shows how much you deeply care about our little critters..be it fish or furry ones.

Gracie Rose's Mommie..

Tammy said...

Ruth! It's not for deceased pets only - that is how most of our clinics use them however! I have made them for people who's pets were perfectly healthy! (my Aunt included!) We sell them to anyone who would like a print of their pet, living or not! And we are revising the website as we speak to make this more obvious. We all have a background in grief, so that does come through on our site!
We're also considering colored clay for puppies/kittens or whatever!
Thanks for checking it out!

Tammy said...

Maria - thanks for stopping by! I will take a look at your sister's blog! Very cool - rescue work is not easy! Gets right at your heart!


Tammy said...

VERY cool rescue header Maria! Love the faces of all the pups there!!

MARYBETH said...

TAMMY- your site looks W O N D E R F U L!
Oh how I wish i had met you several years ago. I would have loved to have prints of my Patsy(Basset Hound)) and Boomer (Great Pyranese) such a lovely keepsake.

Keep on Creating !